How can you 'Fix yourself' when you don't have  water to bath--- Kwaw Kese jabs counter campaigners

How can you ‘Fix yourself’ when you don’t have  water to bath— Kwaw Kese jabs counter campaigners

How can you ‘Fix yourself’ when you don’t have  water to bath— Kwaw Kese jabs counter campaigners

Popular musician Kwaw Kese has descended on those running a counter campaign against the #FixTheCountry campaigners on social media, claiming they have sold their conscience to the government.

After the hashtag #FixTheCountry led trends on social media a new hashtag #FixYourself is also counter attacking the earlier campaign to ask Ghanaians to fix their mentality before the country could be fixed.

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The new campaigners believed fixing the country was a collective effort and did not demand only the government to do so.

However, Kwaw Kese who did not digest the new hashtag “FixYourself” campaign well alleged that the new hashtag was fuelled by pro-government supporters.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, the rapper lamented that he did not have water at his house for three months meanwhile he was always receiving water bills.

“How can you fix yourself when you don’t have water to bath?” the rapper queried.

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The rapper who is known in the industry as “abodam”  accused those leading that campaign of taking money from the government to act foolishly.

Social media has been rife with criticisms and lamentations about the state of the country.

The movement which started as a one-man campaign has gathered momentum and has seen thousands of youth and celebrities standing up to leaders on social media with the hashtag #FixTheCountry.

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In the midst of the campaign, new hashtags have also been trending in support of the government which has led  Kwaw Kese to be unhappy with the response from pro-government supporters.


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