Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 79

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 79 Tessa discovers the murderer of Rowena, Jaime attempts to stab Vida

At the funeral, Jaime said he and Tessa wanted a common thing, that was justice for their death son. Tessa showed things that Rafa used to play with to Vida. She also said Rafa abandoned his dreams to please Jaime just to win his l*ve but Jaime never showed him l’ve. Vida recalled Rafa telling her that he discovered something, she also recalled the key he left behind.

Caloy met with his investigator who told him that he could not find any lead that linked Jaime to the death of Rafa. He said the CCTV footage at the crime scene did not indicate anything. Gabriela and Melai visited Potpot and assured him of their support. Potpot said he could no longer bear it. Gabriela told her that even Tessa did not believe he k!lled Rafa and Vida also believed in his innocence.

Vida went to ACB Corporation to look for Ivan but the security said Ivan was not receiving any visitor after somebody broke to his office and made away with some relevant documents.

Jaime saw Vida so he went to warn Marga to put her daughter under control as she has started investigation at ACB. Jaime believed Vida knew something. Caloy told Tessa that he did a private investigation to find if Jaime was responsible for Rafa’s death but it did not prove futile, yet he believed Jaime was the culprit.

Marga warned Jaime against hurting Vida, Jaime received an information that Caloy had been investigating him to check where he was during Rafa’s murder. Jaime said the people were getting on his nerves. At the funeral, the viral video of Rafa and Ira was played by Rafa’s friends and Tessa took it. She watched the video and saw the anguish in Ira’s eyes. Caloy believed Ira just said it.

Jaime visited Ira and pledged to help him. Ira asked if Amanda believed he was the actual k!ller that was why she has been rejecting his calls. Jaime told him to forget about her, since he believed in his innocence he would find a lawyer for him. Vida went to Santa Monica and told Danilo that she wanted to check something in Rafa’s room. She tried the key on various things in Rafa’s room but it did not work.

At the funeral, the viral video of Rafa and Ira was played by Rafa’s friends and Tessa took it. She watched the video and saw the anguish in Ira’s eyes. Caloy believed Ira just said it.

Rafa was buried and all his l’ved ones remembered the good times they shared with him. Tessa fainted while she was crying. Tessa told them that she did not know how to cope without Rafa. Vida later went to Rafa’s grave to ask for forgiveness for not being there when he called. She believed that would have saved Rafa and promised to find the real k!ller to give him the justice he deserved.

Someone appeared to kidnap Vida, but Vida was saved by Marga before the vile man could reach Vida. Marga dragged into the car and told her she could not go anywhere without her permission. She warned her to stop investigating, Vida felt that Marga was keeping a truth so she got out of the car.

She visited Potpot to find out that Jaime was helping Potpot and he had already found a lawyer for him. Marga was in the house so upset with Vida’s behaviour.

The workers of Tessa came home to sympathise with her. Tessa was sad that she could not open the shop to help them since she did not have enough capital. The workers understood her and blamed Ira for Tessa’s misfortune. Tessa was surprised, the women explained that the driver of the delivery truck revealed to them that Ira paid thrice the amount to stop them from delivering the raw materials.

The lawyer told them that they have a strong case against Ira as the motive of Ira was not only jealousy but was upset with the family over the death of his parents. Vida went to the crime scene and found the object which was used to hit the head of Ira and handed it over to the police as evidence. On her way Jaime convinced her to join his car. He made Vida believe that he also believed Ira was innocent and both wanted same thing, justice for Rafa’s death.

Marga went to Jaime’s safe house to find out that he was with Vida. She tried calling Vida and Jaime but she couldn’t reach any. Jaime made Vida believe he was helping her to find evidence to set Ira free. Vida wanted to know the door which the key Rafa left could open so she tried it on some drawers at ACB. Jaime even helped her to escape ACB security. All to lure her close in order to find what she knew and to also k!ll her.

Tessa and her father had an emergency trip to Batac to find out from the man who planted the bomb that Ira paid him to do it. Tessa was shocked to hear that. Caloy came to visit but met Tessa’s absence. Leon left Caloy incharge of the house to present money to Minding to keep her mouth shut.

Caloy called Tessa and she told him about what Ira did. She said she was in a car heading to Santa Monica so once she arrived they would talk about it. Vida failed to tell Jaime what she knew and played along with him. She sent him to the location where Rafa died and told him sentimental things. Unaware that Jaime possessed a knife, Vida called the k!ller of Rafa as evil and monster which made Jaime drew out his pocket knife ready to stab her, fortunately for Vida, Caloy who was driving passed the area came across Jaime’s car and went in calling out Vida’s name.

Suddenly, Jaime hid the knife, Caloy asked Jaime why he sent Vida there. He asked Vida if Jaime forced her and she said no. Caloy attempted to go with Vida but Vida chose to stay there with Jaime. Knowing what Jaime could do, Caloy took pictures of Jaime and Vida together and left. Jaime was left heartbroken since Caloy had evidence and any wrong move could send him to jail.


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