The Better Half Episode 64 Bianca kidnaps Marco to elope with him: The search for Marco begins...
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The Better Half Episode 64

The Better Half Episode 64 Bianca kidnaps Marco to elope with him: The search for Marco begins…

Marco informed Rafael and Camille that Bianca had agreed to meet him on a Saturday evening so they should prepare.

On the day of the meeting, Marco was equipped with a tracking device to enable the police to locate his location. To get the plans going without being detected by Bianca, Camille and Rafael stayed outside with the police tracking Marco and his every movement.

When Marco reached the place he had agreed to meet with Bianca, she called him to ok instruct him to go outside. As Marco was waiting outside, a car arrived to pick him up and drove off.

Camille asked the police officer to follow the car that Marco went in and Rafael asked her to calm down since they were tracking Marco.

They went to the cemetery where Julia Bianca was buried and Marco went to see Bianca. He told her that he was sorry for obsessing over Camille and wanted to be with her instead.

Bianca remembered that he told her the same thing as before and promised to help her but ended up lying to her. Marco said he only wanted to know the truth about what happened to his daughter at that time.

He added that he was now alone since Camille had gone back to Rafael and he also wanted to patch things up with her for them to carry on with their relationship.

Marco hugged Bianca to assure her that he was serious about getting back together with her but he realided that she had something on her. Bianca opened her jacket and showed Marco a set of explosives that she wore.

She said she wanted an assurance that Marco would not backstab her by calling the police or Rafael and Camille. She said she would have done it if Marco betrayed her and kill everyone along with her. Marco could not let this happen so he gave Bianca his phone and the two of them left.

The Better Half Episode 64

The Better Half Episode 64: Bianca surprises Marco

When the police went to get Bianca, Marco had already left with Bianca. The tracking device was also turned off and they had no way of knowing where Marco was.

Camille tried calling him but his phone was off. Camille and Rafael after waiting returned to the hospital to inform their parents that Marco went with Bianca and everyone was worried about him.

Helen said that Marco might have gone with Bianca so that he could sacrifice himself and Camille confirmed it since Marco once told her that he should have found a way to stay with Bianca so that she would not hurt so many people.

Where is Marco

Bianca took Marco to her hideout and left him for a while to go get him something to eat. Marco wondered around hoping to find his phone and saw the wall that Bianca had put up the photos of Camille and her family.

The Better Half Episode 64: Marco searches for his phone

Bianca came to get him to have dinner and she told him that she was planning on hurting Camille because she was upset but she would abandon her plan now that Marco was back with her.

She told him about her plans to leave the country to go to Malaysia and then to the USA there after. Marco said that he would go with her and rebuild their lives in Colorado.

Rafael was worried about Marco so he asked the police to keep investigating where he was before Bianca hurt him.

Rafael and Camille worried about Marco’s safety

They were however confident that Bianca would not hurt him since she loved him.
Bianca slept soundly with Marco beside him but he woke up quietly so that he could try looking around the house for his phone.

Bianca was furious when she woke up to see the absence of Marco. She concluded that he has deceived her. She said that she would make him pay for lying to her.

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