The Stepdaughters Episode 34

The Stepdaughters Episode 34 Distributors cancel contracts with Coco Bella, Hernan disinherits Isabelle

Witnessing the father and daughter’s misunderstanding, Bryce called Mayumi to inform her that he went to Coco Line and saw Hernan fighting with Isabelle. He said it seemed serious but he did not know what the two of them fought over.

Isabelle called Daphne to reveal to her that Hernan had already found out about their schemes against Luisa. She was crying but Daphne told her not to worry, promising that they would figure out a way to deal with Hernan. Daphne was with Froilan and he was upset that they might be jailed for their deeds since their actions had been revealed.

Daphne assured that it wouldn’t happen and instead sent him to confront the nurse over what she told Hernan. When Mayumi went to see Luisa, the nurse told her that she was resigning and could no longer take care of Luisa. Mayumi found out from the other staff that she had an argument with Hernan and that could be the reason the nurse resigned.

Hernan was disappointed in what Isabelle did and considered reporting her to the police. He called the police chief over to his house and said he had a lead on Luisa’s accident. Joel came in between his plans as he stopped him from ratting his daughter out to the police, believing that Hernan might later regret sending his daughter to jail.

They therefore told the officer that it was a false lead. When Isabelle returned home, Hernan kicked her out of the house and said he had disowned her. Isabelle went to meet her distributors and overheard two customers talking ill of Coco Bella products. Isabelle harassed and insulted them, saying they did not look like they had enough money to afford her products.

Since Mayumi’s issue was resolved, the distributors agreed to continue working with her. When Mayumi arrived at the office, she ran into Isabelle who was harassing customers and defended them. She told Isabelle to make products that changed someone’s nasty attitude so that she could use it on herself.

The two began fighting until the distributor arrived. She asked to see Isabella and told her that they had cancelled her contract due to bad publicity she had gotten. Francis had asked Mayumi earlier to withdraw her lawsuit against Isabelle. He believed it was the only way they could avoid having more trouble.

After Mayumi heard that the Coco Bella contract was cancelled, she decided it was enough punishment for Isabelle and withdrew the lawsuit. Hernan met with his lawyers to rewrite his will. He gave most of his money to Luisa and donated the rest to charity.

Isabelle was not included in the will and the lawyer asked Hernan if he was sure about his decision and Hernan seemed firm with his decision, he did not change his mind. Isabelle overheard the conversation and asked Hernan if it was true he had disinherited her. Hernan told Isabelle that he would not leave her any money as their problems began when they started to have money.

He was hurt that Isabelle could go an extent to kill her brother and make Luisa go insane just to keep the family’s wealth. Isabelle got on her knees to apologise and asked Hernan to forgive her. Hernan said the only way he could forgive Isabelle was if she brought her brother and Luisa back. He then left her while Isabelle was shedding tears.


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