The Law Of Revenge Episode 13

The Law Of Revenge Episode 13 Caesar gains a new appointment as the CFO, Agatha fights with Marissa for Gabriel

As the Ceñidozas and the Pinedas visited the Villarosas, Heidi brought a dessert to Gelo who was sitting solitary on stairs outside the Villarosa mansion for them to eat together.

When Heidi was showing concern about Gelo’s health: checking his temperature and vital parts, Sonya got there to warn her daughter to stay away from the life of the houseboy. She drove Heidi away from there, leaving Gelo by himself to wallow in misery.

Inside the house, Ellice tried to fish out from her husband’s siblings, Christina and Helena about the locket she saw in the possession of Gabriel. Both said it was Gabriel’s lucky charm and he has always been sentimental about it ever since they were young.

Fast forward, at the office around 4:00pm, Marissa spotted Gabriel rushing out from the office into the elevator. She called Ellice to inform her about it and asked if she had a date with her husband but the silence of Ellice said it all. Ellice hang up and called Pinky to enquire if Meredith was still at the office.

A lady by name Agatha appeared at the airport and Gabriel arrived to hug her. Agatha did not want to go to her family’s house due to her father’s military behaviour so Gabriel decided to host her and Agatha flirted with him. Meredith was waiting in a restaurant for someone when Ellice arrived to accuse her of her involvement with Gabriel.

Meredith assured that there was nothing going on between her and Gabriel yet Ellice went on with her allegations and Meredith referred to her as pathetic. She told Ellice that even if she was attracted to Gabriel, she would not pursue him, warning that due to Ellice character her husband might actually find another woman and leave her.

In fury, Ellice fired her but Meredith reminded her that she did not flout any company law so Ellice ordered Pinky to find evidence against Meredith so that she could fire her on the grounds of immorality.

Later, Meredith appeared in Marissa’s office to tend in her resignation. She said she would inform Gabriel about what his wife did but Marissa advised her not to. As Meredith told Marissa about the gossip she heard concerning Ellice accusing Marissa of her involvement with Gabriel, Marissa said her friend was paranoid due to her postpartum depression.

Meredith saw Ellice as irritating and annoying. Once she left, Marissa phoned Ellice to inform her about Meredith’s resignation.

Soon, Andres appeared at Gabriel’s office to try to explain things to him but Gabriel did not give ears to him. Andres wept as nothing he said made a change for anyone to believe him. He saw Caesar at the parking lot and he attacked him for sabotaging him but Caesar beat him up and warned him to save the little integrity he was left with.

Ellice called Marissa to hang out with her that evening for her to meet her best friend Agatha who arrived from US. Marissa was surprised to hear that Gabriel’s old fling has arrived and accepted to meet her since Gabriel left the office quite early and believed she did not have any pending work. Ellice wondered where her husband could be.

Due to Sonya’s harsh words against him, Gelo began to distance himself from Heidi. He failed to reply her messages and the girl found his act as rude. The three best friends met in a bar to familiarise themselves with eachother. Marissa finally met Agatha who Gabriel had already told her she was his ex.

Agatha was surprised for Marissa to know all that about her and questioned her closeness with Gabriel. She warned Marissa not to find comfort in Gabriel because if she did, she (Agatha) would ensure to put her in her rightful place. Marissa asked her not to worry since not everyone was like her .

Ellice told Marissa not to mind her since Agatha had too much to drink. Ellice explained to Agatha that Marissa and Gabriel were in charge of the Ceñidoza business so they spent lots of time together, reason she knew about her relationship with Gabriel.

Elsewhere, Gabriel secretly met an attorney to talk to her about paternity acknowledgement of his son, Jacob for him to be included in the Villarosa’s inheritance. He also told the attorney that he wanted everything he was doing to remain secret, he did not want his wife to know about it.

Agatha told Marissa how Ellice had been drinking during their regular outing at the bar in the US. Marissa had another reason to stand on to take revenge against Ellice for abandoning her to rot in prison while she was enjoying. Agatha fell asleep so Ellice called Gabriel to carry her best friend home.

Gabriel carried her to lay her on the bed, his fling began k!ssing him. He pulled back and reminded her that he was married. Marissa arrived and attended to her best friend. The next day, Gabriel brought her coffee and wanted them to talk about the previous night’s incidence but she pretended not to remember anything so Gabriel dropped the issue.

When Gabriel left, she recalled how she and Gabriel were friends with benefits. They had $ex countless number of times without any attachments to eachother till Gabriel met Ellice and got serious with her and married her. She also recalled her k!ss with Gabriel and Marissa’s words at the bar. She now gave pictures of Marissa to her father’s goon to fish out information about her.

She went to Ceñidoza and Company to find Gabriel with Marissa playing with Jacob. Unhappy with the scene, Agatha gave a food he bought to Pinky for her to deliver it to Gabriel while she enquired more about Marissa and Gabriel’s relationship.

Tutti who overheard the conversation informed Marissa what Agatha was up to. Marissa knew Agatha was up to no good and swore to prove to her new rival that she was an excellent game girl so she decided to play Agatha’s game.

In the house, Ellice told Lucing how she was now used to Gabriel bonding with Jacob at the office more than Hope. Later, Agatha received a feedback on Marissa being an ex-convict. Thinking she had obtained a weapon that she would use to erase Marissa from the picture, Marissa also has spoken to Ellice and cunningly rang the bell that her so called best friend, Agatha was bringing food and snacks to her husband at the office.

The board appointed Caesar who was the executive finance officer to occupy Andres’ post as the Chief Finance Officer after the former was painfully fired for embezzlement. Caesar promised to secure the finances of the company and thanked the executives for appointment.

Believing to have an upper hand to have her friend’s husband glued to her nails, Agatha called Gabriel to arrange a meeting with him concerning Marissa when the ladies man close from work.

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