The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 36-40

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 36-40 Froilan saves Mayumi, Daphne arrested for kidnapping

As the search for her mother proves futile, Mayumi honours an invitation by her boyfriend to meet his senior brother, Froilan. Realising Mayumi is the daughter of Luisa, Froilan guides his steps.

Soon, a video of Luisa goes viral and Isabelle hatches a plan with friends to get Luisa from the community centre to a hide out. By the time Mayumi is made aware of the viral video, her mom is already kidnapped.

At the hospital, Hernan finally wakes up. Francis who is keeping eyes on him calls Isabelle to come over to be by her father’s side. Unknown to Francis, Isabelle is with Luisa and scared that her father will reveal her heinous crime once she has woken up.

After gathering an information on the person who posed off as Mayumi to send Luisa away, Mayumi has a hunch that Daphne is behind the kidnapping and files charges at the precinct against her. Since there is no proof against the suspect, she is immediately released.

Later, Mayumi visits Hernan at the hospital and Isabelle tries to get in the way for Mayumi not to squeeze the truth out of the mouth of Hernan, not knowing her father can no longer speak at the moment. Her heart jumps in merry after the doctor reveals the state of her father.

Froilan feels sorry for Luisa seeing how she is maltreated and forced to take the antidepressants. He tries to convince Daphne to temper justice with mercy but she refused. Froilan later comes to meet Mayumi crying over her missing mother, and the rascal seems to feel guilty for keeping the truth from her and Francis.

Moving with her hunch, Mayumi tails Daphne to discover that her mother is in her grasp, suffering all sorts of maltreatment from her hands. Mayumi reaches out to Francis to inform him about finding her mother, before she could give the location, her battery dies. Mayumi manages to run with Luisa who is held at a gun point by Daphne.

However, she is caught by Daphne’s goon outside after Mayumi hides Luisa who claimed to be tired of running. Luisa is also seen and Isabelle plans to use Luisa to gain the favour of her father so she hides her in the Salvadors’ mansion.

Elsewhere, Francis, Sasha and Bryce lead a search for Mayumi. Since nothing is coming from the search, Sasha believes Daphne has kidnapped Mayumi along with Luisa so they confronted her.

The goon attempts to rape Mayumi but Froilan in disguise stumbles on him and stops him from touching Mayumi. Mayumi pleads with Froilan to help her escape. Froilan thinks of a plan that can get Mayumi out without being traced to him.

Isabelle sends Luisa to the hospital to see Hernan but she is sad that Hernan can’t talk. Daphne decides to get rid of Mayumi since she is becoming a nuisance. Her goon digs a grave to bury her but Froilan pulls a fast one on Daphne to help Mayumi escape. Mayumi calls Francis while she is being tailed by Daphne.

Daphne catches up with Mayumi and tries to hit her car but the latter swerves and the car hit a tree. As Daphne gets down to finish Mayumi off, Francis appears in the scene to save Mayumi, compelling Daphne to go at large. She is soon caught by the police. Mayumi points Isabelle out as an accomplice but Daphne denies Isabelle being her accomplice.

Mayumi after being discharged from hospital starts searching for her mother since Isabelle and Daphne deny knowing her whereabouts. Isabelle plans to use Luisa’s share of the lottery to get Daphne out of prison. Soon, Isabelle sends Hernan and Luisa to a park and Luisa sees Mayumi from afar. Mayumi also sees her and asks Francis to pullover but she couldn’t see her again. This makes Francis believe that it was her imagination.

However, a noise by some people claiming someone is hit by a car lures Mayumi and Francis to the accident scene only to discover that it is Luisa’s doll, which lightens Mayumi’s hope that it is her mother she saw. She now makes it a point to go to Hernan’s house in search of her but Isabelle fights with her to stop her from trespassing.


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