The Law Of Revenge Episode 21

The Law Of Revenge Episode 21 Ramon d!es, Ellice throws Gabriel out over Jacob’s part of Ramon’s inheritance

At the Ceñidoza mansion, Gabriel went to check on his wife as she slept. He went back to his room while trying to sleep amidst all his problems, Ellice came to the bedroom to sack Gabriel from the bed, demanding him to sleep on the couch. He obeyed without protesting.

At the Villarosa construction, Sonya heard Heidi and Gelo were having a lunch together at the cafeteria. Fury by the poor guy’s constant closeness to her daughter, Sonya sent someone to fetch for the intern to make his immediate supervisor give him a job at the storage room to gather all the files there.

Gabriel went to the construction firm and Ramon was perplexed that he resigned from the company to assist his wife but his wife has fired him for him to return. He welcomed his son back to the company. He later visited Marissa to check on her. However, Lucing did not want to allow him inside the room to see her.

Marissa told Lucing to allow Gabriel in. She told him that upon all the things she did for Ellice and all her efforts his wife kicked her out and told him that he saw how his wife treated her yet he kept quiet. Gabriel said sorry to her and embraced her while Marissa cried.

That night, he met his friend and told him that although he wanted to save his marriage he equally wanted to be a good father to Jacob, stressing that he could not necessarily abandon Marissa. He lamented that the last thing he wanted to do was to be like his father yet he has followed his father’s footsteps. Gabriel returned home to inform his wife to cast all the blame on him as he was the reason for everything but Ellice said he did not do it alone.

Marissa went to the organisation to find Caesar reading a graphic and he gave it to Marissa to glance through to find a job. She threw it on him. Adelina came to take her seat and made Caesar excused them. Marissa pleaded with her to help her get her job in the Ceñidoza Pearls Company back but Adelina told her that she needed not to go as Caesar was already there.

“Say good rhythms and move on.”

“No Madam,” Marissa objected “I have a score to settle with Ellice.”

“I need to return there as soon as possible.”

“And all these times I thought you have a soft spot for her,” Adelina retorted.

“Whatever I feel for Ellice now is because of all the times she disregarded the kindness and support I have shown her and the company as well.”

“And she herself showed me she does not deserve kindness and support.”

Adelina accepted to help her, she went back home and Lucing comforted her that she would gain an employment since she was intelligent and diligent. Marissa made it clear to Lucing that she would return to Ceñidoza, claiming that was where she belonged. Gelo worked hard at the construction firm and stayed overnight at the place to study blue prints as part of the learning process.

Fast forward, Ramon suffered heart attack after speaking with Carmelita to thank her. He passed away and a funeral was held for him. Marissa arrived there and Ellice began calling her name as mistress. She queried Marissa why she had to be at the funeral at the time that she was there. She claimed Marissa had no shame to avail her face there. Marissa said she came in peace and was there as Jacob’s mother.

Since Ellice kept on with her fight, Marissa rebuked her, saying it was not her fault that Ramon l0ved her son and her more than Ellice and Hope. Ellice then held her hair and fought with her. The family separated the fight and Carmelita asked Marissa to leave since she did not want any trouble. Marissa left and went to weep outside while Carmelita cool down Ellice and told her to fight for her husband and not allow Marissa to take him from her.

Marissa went to her condo and her mother disagreed that she went to pay her last respect since Ellice was there. Marissa said she was only there to pay her last respect and to say a final thank you to Ramon for always being there for her and Jacob. She was not there to fight and Lucing understood her.

Gabriel confronted his wife for causing a scene at Ramon’s wake since she knew his father really liked Marissa. However, Ellice chastised him for standing by Marissa’s side instead of her. Gabriel reminded her that he was still mourning. Carmelita delivered an emotional tribute to her husband and thanked him for l0ving her. The family wept bitterly.

Soon, Marissa was called for an important thing that made her look surprised. Meanwhile, at the Villarosa mansion, the family assembled as the lawyer took his seat, Marissa arrived, much to the surprise of Ellice. She queried Marissa what she was doing there and the lawyer said he called her as that was stated in Ramon’s will.

In the will Carmelita got the Villarosa mansion, all 700 of the said estates and all asserts except those given to his children and grandchildren, while Sonya, Gabriel, Christina and Helena gained the construction company but the decision of the presidency would be decided by the current board of the company. They also gained a whooping amount of 50million each while the grandchildren Heidi, Hope and Jacob gained a trust fund to cover their education and medical expenses.

Ellice became really upset while Jacob followed her. She slapped him, claiming all those while he and his father were ganging up on her. In the condo, Marissa told his son that she would keep fighting for his right for him to gain the best of education and the l0ve of his father. Lucing asked Marissa whether she would accept the money which Ramon left for Jacob and she said she would do everything for her son.

In the Ceñidoza mansion, Gabriel tried to explain things to Marissa but she said Gabriel never planned to tell her anything if not the death of his father she wouldn’t have known that they were ganging up on her. She cried that she was expecting Gabriel to protect her but he kept betraying her, adding that she had not even forgiven Gabriel for the affair yet and sacked him from her presence.


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