The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 46

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 46 Una Republika unveils candidates leading the party during its rally, Ningning shutdown entire networking system to foil Moonchasers plan

As the much anticipated day for the Una Republika Party Rally finally arrived, the party members, the public and the journalists attended the event in their numbers. The lady in red also went to patronise bullets made up of werewolf fangs.

Prof T prepared the team for the mission and reminded them that it was a dangerous mission and some might lose their lives. Tristan who was not part of the mission still did not stay put. He admitted to Betty that he was stubborn and was going even when Betty tried to stop him. He opened his doors to find the Moonchasers.

Jake did not want to let him go since he was discharging his duty, Gener asked Jake to allow him to go. Meanwhile at the event, Toni told her group members to survey the place for explosives before the politicians get there.

As Gilbert was reading through his speech, Jacintha arrived and made the people send all the logistics needed for the campaign inside the van. Jacintha then told Gilbert that everything was set for them to go.

“Jacintha, Jacintha come on stage with me.”

“I am a strategist so the public shouldn’t see me.”

“Considering how beautiful you are…”

“The spotlight is on you, that is what you should focus on.”

Tristan went to the Senator’s office to ensure things moved on as planned but the senator acted strangely. Jake and the rest who followed him stopped him from going to the rally. Jake called Toni and Tristan alerted her that Paglinauan was behaving strange and he seemed not to have recognised him. Toni then recalled the policemen who shot Miyo and knew the Senator was hypnotised.

The LLU who had prepared towards the grand occasion to foil Supremo’s plans of ruling the country were also there. Veruska saw how the minions kept gliding and alerted Baristo.

“Supremo’s followers have arrived, this day might turn into one bloody mess,” Gael uttered.

Baristo gave orders to Gael to inform the new werewolves who Samantha was not familiar with to secure the place and also Gael should keep an eye on Toni to secure her life at all cost. Toni prayed to her parents to secure her life and show her the path to carry out the mission successfully.

Meanwhile, Gilbert hypnotised Ningning to conduct an illegal activity for him. Toni ran to Prof T and told Levite that he should inform her when Paglinauan arrives.

Levite saw Paglinauan going to his room at the venue and rushed to inform Toni. Paglinauan set his gun ready and stored it inside a purse.

“This is the biggest decision I have ever made for over 20 years of dedicating myself to serve this country.”

“It’s a decision that I will never regret, I have made my choice.”

“No matter how much I may want to serve you.”

crowd made noise as Imperial car spotted.

“The man that I am endorsing to you,” Paglinauan voice over continued.

“All will have double victory of service.”

“Get ready for the greatest leader the world has ever produced.”

Jacintha and Gilbert also arrived but Jacintha seeing Malia at where Gilbert was supposed to alight told the driver not to pull over and made Gilbert believe where they would alight was the best place. Toni was told that Paglinauan was there and she went in to discover that the senator was hypnotised and was acting strange so she looked through his eyes to bring him back to his senses.

Paglinauan now recognised Toni and assured her that everything they planned with Tristan would push through. Gilbert came there and Toni had to hide in the ladies. Gilbert was there to ensure he did not disappoint him and acts as planned. Both were called and left the room leaving Toni.

As the Senators were delivering their speech, Tristan, Jake together with the rest of the Moonchasers prepared to load the exposé of Paglinauan but the video was intercepted by Ningning. All the systems were shut down: no tv signal, no one can access their phone network, internet or social media. It was a nationwide challenge, Prof T was down when Levite told him about the challenge.

Tristan knew it was an act by Supremo so he led the rest of the Moonchasers to the event to support their comrades since they might need them. As the party members were complaining of no signal with Gilbert knowing Ningning had pulled the strings, Jacintha talked to Gilbert to remind him of opening his heart while delivering the speech.

“Remember this moment own it and cease it Gilbert.”

Prof T had a bad feeling about the break in transmission and told Toni to prepare the team for Plan B. Elsewhere, the traffic on the road due to the rally, compelled Tristan and his comrades to trek to the venue. Paglinauan delivered his speech which he said he was backing out as the presidential aspirant to leave the job in the hands of the most deserving candidate. However, Toni was keeping eyes on Gilbert after Jacintha left Gilbert alone.

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