The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 14-18

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 14-18 Agatha faces Ellice’s wrath over Gabriel, Ellice discovers Jacob is Gabriel’s son

After learning that her business partner left work early, Marissa cooks up a plan to use this information to her advantage and aggravate her best friend’s paranoia. Soon enough, a shocking email drives Ellice to fury.

Incensed, the Ceñidoza pearls CEO then finds herself storming into a restaurant to confront Gabriel for his alleged affair with Agatha.

Unable to quell her suspicions about text message on Gabriel’s phone, Ellice decides to tail his movements for the day. What she ends up discovering, however, leaves her devastated. Meanwhile, Agatha’s attempt to humiliate Marissa ends up backfiring on her when her own past is brought up.

Struggling with the differences with their social standings, Gelo and Heidi’s friendship comes to a sad end. Ellice is filled with rage when she discovers the truth about Jacob’s father. Memories of the moments when Gabriel and Marissa brushed off her accusations fuel Ellice’s anger as she plans to seek revenge against her husband and her best friend.

Before filing a case against her husband and her friend, Ellice tries to gather evidence on Gabriel and Marissa’s affairs. She enlists Pinky’s help in keeping tabs on the two at work. Soon, Marissa is taken by surprise when the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO invites her to lunch out of the blue while Gabriel receives unexpected visit from Carmelita.

After her tension filled meeting with Ellice, Marissa opts to keep Gabriel in the dark about his wife’s suspicions. Soon, she discovers that her best friend has been spying on her when Tutti stumbles on a mysterious device in her office. Meanwhile, Lucing figures out the truth about Jacob’s father as Ellice reveals her husband’s infidelity.

Fed up with her daughter’s lies, Lucing confronts Marissa and forces her to admits her real relationship with Gabriel. Tension rises between Marissa and Ellice as they vie for Gabriel’s attention following the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO’s return to work.

Despite her ill reputation in the company, Ellice manages to win her subordinates’ support by acknowledging the hard work of her one of her most experienced personnel. Elsewhere, Lucing seeks a priest’s advice as she struggles with the magnitude of she knowing her daughter’s past affair.

Marissa’s face turns pale when she encounters a familiar face in Ceñidoza Pearls. Ellice meanwhile is out for blood as she resolves to find dirt on her best friend to force her out of her company. Blaming Gabriel for causing discord between the two friends, Lucing issues a warning to him.

With Andres help, Ellice manages to unearth shocking information that might be the key to drag Marissa out of her life. Unbeknownst to the Ceñidoza Pearls owner, Caesar is out to keep watch on her every move. Meanwhile, Marissa receives a harsh slap of reality as the horrors of her past threaten to make a comeback.

Marissa is filled with dread when she learns of Caesar’s underhanded tactics in his quest for power in their organisation. Meanwhile, Ellice finds herself in grave danger as she investigates the truth about her best friend’s suspicious behaviour. Gabriel plans to reveal to his wife the truth about his relation to Jacob. Guilty over his wife’s state, Gabriel decides to admit his wife affair with Marissa once Ellice regains consciousness.

Marissa expresses her support on Gabriel’s decision while hiding what she truly feels about his plan. The two share comforting hug in the hospital, unaware of the watchful eyes observing them from a distance. Elsewhere, Caesar is filled with rage after Marissa convinced Adelina that her plan of causing Ellice’s accident put their organisation in jeopardy.

Following a realisation, Gabriel changes his mind and decides to hide from Ellice his true relation with Jacob. Marissa becomes disappointed upon learning of Gabriel’s true feelings and concentrate on pursuing her revenge against her best friend. Meanwhile, Ellice finally gets her hands on a strong proof of Gabriel’s and Marissa’s past affair.

Not wanting to blow up her plans, she keeps her discovery from her husband. Despite her recent near- death experience, Ellice is determined to return to work as soon as possible. Unbeknownst to Gabriel and Marissa, Ellice has been collating evidence to prove her former best friend’s involvement in Ceñidoza Pearls financial problems. As Ellice goes to work, she holds a board meeting prepared to expose Marissa’s crimes.

However, Marissa pulls out a sudden trump card that leaves Ellice in a state of shock. Ellice blood drains from her face when Andres betrays her in front of the board. The apparent clash between the two heads of the company causes the division among the Ceñidoza Pearls employees to widen beyond repairs. Meanwhile, Gabriel’s minds races as he begins to suspect the breadth of Ellice’s knowledge in light of her accusations against Marissa.

To make matters worse for the company owner, Ellice’s heart breaks into a million pieces when Lucing makes a painful confession.


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