The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 19-23

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 19-23 Ellice throws Gabriel out after Jacob gains shares in Ramon last will and testament, Francis blackmails Ellice for k!lling Victor

Marissa braces herself for her best friend’s upcoming plan after Lucing revealed that the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO knows the truth about her past affair with Gabriel. Elsewhere, Caesar’s attempt of incriminating Marissa backfires as Adelina continues to blame him for putting their organisation’s operation at risk.

Tension rises in the Ceñidoza Pearls office as rumours of Marissa and Ellice’s feud spread like wildfire. During the much-awaited meeting for their company’s expansion, Marissa presents a business proposal aiming to attract Southeast Asian clients.

However, Ellice rejects the COO’s idea in front of their company’s board of directors. Later, Ellice reaches her breaking point and confronts Gabriel for all his lies. Despite being subjected to Ellice’s humiliation, Marissa is determined to keep her position in Ceñidoza Pearls. During an important client meeting, Ellice continues to insult Marissa’s work as the two bosses vie for Mr Madriaga’s approval.

Meanwhile, Gabriel looks back on the repercussions of his one-night stand with his wife’s best friend. Gabriel finds himself caught in between wanting to be a good father to Jacob and being a supportive husband to Ellice. On the night of Mr Madriaga’s show, Marissa becomes livid when she learns that she was not invited.

As she arrives fashionably late to the party, Marissa finds herself unable to hide her fury against Ellice when the latter takes all the credit for Marissa’s hard work. But the final straw for Marissa comes in the form of a letter left on her desk the following morning. Refusing to let all her hard work go to waste, Marissa confronts Ellice for terminating her from Ceñidoza Pearls.

Her attempt to stand her ground, however, blows up in her face when her ex-best friend exposes her dirty secrets for all the world to see. Revelling in the sudden turn of events, Caesar takes advantage of Marissa’s failure to prove himself worthy to Adelina.

Despite losing her job at her old friend’s company, Marissa is determined to return to Ceñidoza Pearls and continue her revenge plan against Ellice. Gabriel’s sudden visit to her home strengthens Marissa’s resolve in fighting for Jacob’s right in the Villarosa family. Meanwhile, Sonya is filled with rage when she learns of Heidi’s close friendship with Gelo.

The Villarosas are devastated when they receive news of a family member’s sudden passing. Despite having an audience of grieving relatives, Ellice fails to contain her rage when Marissa shows up at the wake of Gabriel’s father. Meanwhile, Heidi is confused about Gelo’s unique workload at her family’s construction firm.

During the reading of Ramon’s last will and testament, Ellice is filled with rage when she learns of another secret about Jacob. Fed up with her husband’s empty promises, Ellice reaches her breaking point and unleashes her wrath on Gabriel. Meanwhile, Marissa fumes upon learning about the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO’s cruel parting gift.

Gabriel asks Ellice not to let her hatred cloud her judgement as he calls out his wife’s cruel treatment of Marissa. As troubles arise for Ceñidoza Pearls when their pearl farming practices are questioned, Ellice finds her leadership skills put to the test. This proves difficult for the CEO, however, when her performance is constantly compared to Marissa’s she is deemed as incompetence.

With the company’s reputation on the line, the board members of Ceñidoza Pearls arrive at a decision that chips away at Ellice’s self-worth.
Reaching another low point in her marriage and career, Ellice discovers a beacon of hope when her old friend, Francis, returns to her life. However, his arrival immediately spells trouble when her long-buried secrets threaten to resurface.

Soon, Ellice and Francis’ intriguing meeting inevitably spreads like wildfire in Ceñidoza Pearls. As his efforts to mend his strained marriage continue to turn futile, Gabriel finds himself drawn to Marissa. Exhausted with her plans of exacting revenge against Marissa and Gabriel, Ellice finds solace in venting her frustrations to Francis.

However, the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO soon regrets letting her guard down when she learns the truth about her old friend’s return. During an intimate dinner with his partner, Gabriel lays out his feelings to Marissa as he worries over his wife’s client meeting. Francis surprises Marissa and Ellice when he suddenly drops by the Ceñidoza Pearls’ offices.

While there, he blackmails Ellice into accepting his proposal in exchange for keeping his silence over her long-kept secret. Meanwhile, Heidi decides to run away from home after a heated argument with Sonya.


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