The Legal Wife Episode 39

The Legal Wife Episode 39 Adrian returns to his matrimonial home, Nicole executes her vile plans against Monica and Adrian to get them separated

Adrian told Nicole that Monica made that decision for them to travel to Canada. However, he would not run away from his responsibility. He would support his child.

Nicole was upset that Adrian was leaving her to make her go through the pregnancy ordeal alone. She planned not to make Monica win over her. Finally, Adrian had to return to his matrimonial home to bond with his wife.

As his wife welcomed him, Bunjoy ran to hug him. They had dinner and he played with his son. Nicole appeared outside the mansion in hopes of ruining the moment. As the couple were having fun together, they heard constant knock on the gate so Adrian decided to go and check.

He found Bradley who came with champagne. He told Adrian to fix his door bell. Monica also got there to check. Bradley told Monica that he believed she had forgiven him since she has already patched things up with Adrian.

Meanwhile, Nicole was hiding behind a bus, watching them having that conversation. When Bradley left, the couple made l0ve. The next day, they visited the Santiagos. Javier gave Adrian a chance with his daughter, stressing that everyone deserved a second chance but warned him that if he dared to hurt her again, he would take his daughter away.

Adrian was grateful for the second chance. As the family sat on one table to eat, Max appeared there and he took pictures of them. That night, when Adrian was asleep, Monica unsubscribed from the tracker. The next day, Javi spoke with Gwen and told her how much he missed her and wanted her to return to him.

Gwen advised Javi to go back to his family, stressing that they l0ved him. She also admitted she never stopped l0ving him. At work, Kelly was sad that Monica had to be in Canada. She looked at their pictures together.

They went to Instagram to watch pictures that Adrian posted, Monica proposed they watched the tag pictures. Simultaneously, Bradley also snapped pictures together with Adrian and posted on Instagram but Adrian realised the scanned pregnancy picture he was tagged by an unknown person.

Bradley believed it was Nicole so Adrian left with a motive in mind. Before Monica would see the scanned picture, she was interrupted by a certain lady who delivered the family pictures which Max snapped. Elsewhere, Nicole organised an event for a certain couple which Javi was in attendance.

Adrian came there and saw Nicole. He dragged her outside, unfortunately, Javi saw him with Nicole and he misinterpreted everything. Adrian went there to warn Nicole to back off and reminded her that it was over. He would not allow her to ruin his family.

That night, Adrian thought over how he would confess to Monica about the pregnancy of Nicole. He was so scared of losing his wife but made a plan to spill the beans. Jasper visited Javi and the latter learnt that Monica had reunited with her husband.

Elsewhere, Monica went to hair saloon and the workers began gossiping about her since they heard of Adrian cheating on her. The stylist appeared and decided to give free hair treatment for the ordeal Monica had to suffer from her cheating husband.

She became the topic at the saloon, as one of the workers said she would have plucked Nicole’s eyes. Monica said everything was over now, she has patched things up with her husband due to her son. Another customer who overheard the conversation also shared her experience.

She said she caught her husband red handed in the act with his mistress and she thought she would even k!ll the other woman. Though, the mistress was not her best friend but it hurts a lot when one is cheated on. As they were having the conversation, Monica received a text from an unknown number and she knew it was Nicole.

Javi visited Monica the next day when Monica was alerted by nanny Gina on the note Adrian left for her before he left to work. He told Monica to meet him at a specific location at 7:00pm for them to have a dinner together. Javi who paid Monica a surprise visit alerted his sister to wake up. She should not be f00led by Adrian as he was still seeing Nicole.

Monica dressed to attend the dinner date but what Javi said flashed through her mind so she went to GL-Amore Events to query Nicole why she had been sending her messages. She told Nicole that everything she was doing meant that she was running after Adrian.

And she pushed Nicole a number of times. Nicole also pushed her in order to fight back. She started saying words that would provoke Monica in order for her to achieve her mission.

“Wow! Wow! Empty words Monica”

“Will you just stop?”

“You know you don’t scare me with your threat”

“So can you please go back to your boring life.”

“Oh…You didn’t know you are boring?”

“And that’s precisely why Adrian has to look for excitement somewhere else.”

“Wait a minute… what are you doing here?”

“You haven’t accepted the truth that Adrian is now mine huh?”

“Adrian is mine, he is mine, he is mine!”

Monica gave her double slaps.

“He is not yours! My husband belongs only to me.”

“Not even once that Adrian was ever yours alone Monica,” Nicole retorted.

“We both know Adrian was mine too.”

“No matter how hard you try to deny it…”

“Adrian was mine!”

“You’re the only one who believes your lies.”

“And as a matter of fact if your husband actually cheated on you, then it doesn’t mean that he is yours alone!”

“He l0ves you, then why did he cheat on you?”

“He has a family, why did he have an affair?”

“So if he is yours, why did he come to me?”

“You’re f00ling yourself,” Monica hissed.

“Wake up Nicole….”

“No!” Nicole interjected “You wake up!”

“You are the one f00ling yourself.”

“He is choosing you because it is the right thing to do.”

“But me, he chose me even if it was wrong!”

“He turned his back on a lot of things just to be with me.”

“So Adrian l0ves me more than he l0ves you!”

She tried walking out on Monica but Monica dragged her by the hair to pull her back.

“How dare you!” Monica frowned.

She hit Nicole and beats her mercilessly, Nicole who was defeated then ran for her life but Monica ran after her and caught her on the steps. She slapped her and gave her rough beatings, making Nicole scared to have a miscarriage.

“Wait… wait…. wait Monica,” Nicole gasped for breath.

“I am pregnant and it for Adrian.”

Monica got shattered and stared in astonishment. As she was leaving, she cried bitterly for allowing Adrian to f00l her once again.

Meanwhile, Adrian had been waiting for Monica the entire evening at the rendezvous place but she did not show up. The singers he hired their services had other gigs so after they waited more than two hours without Monica showing up, they left.

At GL-Amore Events, Rowena came to meet Nicole with her scattered hair. Nicole told her Monica came there to fight her. She threatened not to forgive Monica should anything happens to the child she was carrying. Nicole then fainted and Rowena got her treated.

Dante came to the house to check on Nicole. He advised Nicole to leave Monica and her husband alone but Nicole asked him to leave as she no longer considered him a father. He always supported Monica. Since Nicole threw him out, Dante also left.

At the rendezvous place, the server or waiter also left. Since Monica did not show up, Adrian went back home but found himself in hot waters. Monica threw all the books kept in the shelves at him for keeping the pregnancy of Nicole as secret. Adrian said he was planning to tell her.

Monica asked if he wanted to tell her when Nicole had already given birth. Adrian said he did not know how to tell her earlier but she should believe him that he made arrangements to tell her. He begged for forgiveness and blamed himself for everything that had happened.

Monica was left heartbroken, she said she would not trust him anymore. Monica left and Adrian called her several times in tears.


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