The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 16-20

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 16-20 Javi sells off 30per cent shares of Vita Sardines, Adrian takes solace in Nicole over Monica’s busy schedules

Finding the water proof watch, Monica returns it to the receptionist and adds her contact to it as she believes it is for her friend. She soon has a fight with Javi over Gwen since she sends the latter home late.

That night, Max find himself in trouble with his excess gambling. Nicole bumps into Max who is fleeing from the police and helps him escape.

Later, Monica visits the office of Rowena to ask about Nicole but Rowena denies Nicole getting in touch with her. Dante pleads with Nicole to give him chance to get close to her and offers double payment of the farm house but Nicole rejects him.

Elsewhere, Javier conducts investigation on Dante to know more about his current life and businesses. Monica drops by the restaurant to discover that Nicole has come to claim the watch and calls her number. The two are able to patch up their differences as Monica begs Nicole to forgive.

Nicole is still code towards Monica and makes Monica believe that she is not a true friend as a true friend to her is a person who always there for her friend. When she gets home, she begins to pack to return to Australia but the servant talks her against her sudden decision.

Monica has a misunderstanding with Adrian after they move to their new house. Adrian is not ready to approve her decision to work for her father. He believes that will create room for Javier to control their lives. He finally accepts and the two visit the Santiagos mansion for Monica to officially say yes to her father.

The green light Adrian gives still did not deter Javier for despising him but Monica is hopeful that the relationship between her husband and father will get better. Adrian then goes with Monica to meet Nicole and she is surprised to discover that Mr De Villa is the husband of her best friend.

Adrian observing how distant Nicole is keeping from Monica, he promises to help his wife to reunite with her friend. Monica begins working for Vita Sardines and proposes to rebrand in order to k!ll the public perception about the food poisoning. Javi raises objection but Javier advises Javi to give it a second thought before brushing it off.

Boom and his friends hold Nicole and Adrian as captives. Fortunately Adrian finds mean to escape with Nicole. Later, Silvia enlists Dante’s help and the man leads the police to find Nicole and Adrian. Nicole discovers that Boom is mentally unstable and spares him for him to be treated.

Javier makes Monica the COO of the company and Javi gets upset. He vents his anger on his wife and beats her. Gwen seeks refuge in Monica’s abode during absence of Adrian but Javi takes his sister and in-laws on to drag Gwen out of their graps. Monica is unveiled in a grand ceremony of Vita and she spells out strategies she will initiate to make up for the financial loses.

In order to get back at his father, Javi sells 30per cent shares of Vita to Max and the latter relays the information to Dante. Dante is happy with how Javier’s own son has betrayed him. Unknown to Max, Monica is staying with Dante after patching things up with his father. Dante gets to know that his errand boy Max broke his daughter’s heart.

Fast forward, Javi becomes addicted to gambling and Dante wins his watch which Javier gifted him with. Elsewhere, Nicole together with Adrian organise an event, enabling many entrepreneurs to advertise their products. Amongst these exhibitors was Eloisa who offers free tasting for her dry fish product.

This event gives Monica and Nicole opportunity to make up, it also attracts a surprise visitor who presents back the watch of Javi to Javier to prove to him how loser he and his son are.

Soon, Eloisa and Monica have to intervene to save Gwen from maltreatment. Gwen has planned to move out with Thirdy but bumps into Javi which leads to a fight. The intervention of Eloisa saves Gwen. Monica who has scheduled to be with her husband at a presentation has to skip it to salvage the situation with Javi and Gwen.

Adrian is forced to enlists Nicole’s help to present her as the face for a shampoo product instead of his wife. In order to control Javi, Monica calls the police to arrest him, enabling Gwen and Thirdy to run from home. The next day, Javi is released and he soon storms the company to obstructs the work of Monica, demanding his wife and son.

Monica later breaks down and Max offers her a handkerchief. Meanwhile, Nicole is once again called to entertain Adrian and Bunjoy but the boy gives her a cold shoulder. Monica tries to make up for the lost time with her son.

Fast forward, Dante tours Nicole to his infinity sardines company to teach her how to run the place as she will be his heiress. Nicole breaks the news to Monica and tells her that literally they will be business rival and Monica says they will not be enemies.

Monica proposes an ad and makes her father patronise the Idea Factory Advertising Agency but he rejects Adrian’s presentation.


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