COVID-19: Kwasi Mintah has urged the citizenry to ‘Praise and Worship’ God in order to evoke his healing on the land!

Sensational gospel singer, Kwasi Mintah has called on Ghanaians to exhort God in the current chaotic situation for him to heal the land from COVID-19.

According to him, through exhortation by praising and worshiping God the viruses would be burnt by the power of the name of God.

Speaking to Spot On News yesterday in Accra the international gospel bud stated that the walls of Jericho were broken through the act praise, stressing that God works through praise and worship.

He noted that the current situation should trigger the seriousness in Ghanaians for them to cleave to God for remedy.

Kwasi Mintah observed that the nation has fasted and prayed, stressing that what has left is for the people to bow their knees in their rooms to praise and magnify God for what he has done.

He said the Bible stated that in all things we should give thanks to God, adding that God’s ways are true, perfect and Amen therefore he deserved the nation’s praise and worship.

The “Onyame Behwe” hit maker established that God is powerful and a healer, saying “in his stripes we are healed” and stressed the need for the people to have faith in him since there was power in praise and worship.

“There is healing, break through and testimony through praise and worship, therefore we must love God now more than ever. Let us refresh and renew our minds, soul and body with the word of God,” he added.

Kwasi Mintah urged the citizenry to use the lockdown as an opportunity to strengthen their faith in God and continue to worship and praise him.

He explained that praises was not necessarily about singing but adoring and exalting the beauty, greatness and the power of God in the midst of crises.

In addition, the International worship leader indicated that serving God was not confined in church but one could worship and praise God in various homes they reside.

He also urged the citizenry to continue staying at home, observe the social distancing and hygienic protocol instituted by Ghana Health Services (GHS) and government officials.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

I am An Entertainment Columnist, Content Writer, Blogger, Novelist, Poet, and a Publicist.

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