COVID-19;Will ‘face mask’ change global fashion phase on runaways and award shows?

Every year comes with its own fashion, as people change-over time, the new replaces the old.

People are influenced greatly by popular events, culture and individuals who spearhead fashion trends.

However, a new fashion has awoken in the world from the spread of the new coronavirus with the quest to help combat its spread.

The freak in town is nothing but rocking an attire, a pair of shoe, or a purse with a surgical or fabric face mask.

It is noted that various fashion designers including Louis Vuitton, Joynoelle, Natally trendz and other African brands were evoking fashion sense with these masks.

With this new trend, a nose mask is designed to match accessories which is now rocked by people who share their photos on television or social media.

Now, many people are willing to give everything  to get these branded nose masks to match an outfit and rock in town.

At first, the idea was to use it as protection against novel Coronavirus but its initial purpose had been defeated by fashionistas and designers.

The sale of the mask began hiking on market immediately the infection was identified in Asia and Europe before African continent.

The quest for these masks reached its peak when the virus affected millions of people across the globe.

After Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, scientists and various government officials recommended the wearing of non-surgical masks, various fashion labels reopened their factories to supply health workers with the needed mask amid chaos demands.

The wear of cloth face coverings in public has become the ish, thus everyone wants one; either to flaunt on street or to update their social media profile.

Many celebrities including Sister Debbie, Jackie Appiah, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B among others whet the interest of their fans and followers with their pictures rocking these masks.

Various designers and crafters have flocked to social media to advertise their masks using fashion icons and models.

Local designers have also added new twist to the mask, with an aim to make it very colourful and attractive by using local fabrics to appeal to the people in patronising them.

Although the advent of the novel Coronavirus collapsed many industries, yet the fashion industry is excelling than ever before.

The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in a televised address announced that his outfit was collaborating with the local designers to create masks for the health officials and individuals in meeting the country’s demand.

Political leaders are rocking political platforms with this new fashion, one will wonder why this trend is changing the fashion language of the world.

Asking whether these creations would soon be displayed at fashion shows, exhibitions, design showcases and other gatherings after everything come back to normalcy.

Will our celebrities also be exhibiting this new ‘corona-fashion’ during award shows and runaways?

Fashionistas have already started walking on neighborhood streets with these beautiful African fabrics, in the form of cloth facial coverings.

Now photographs of people in masks illustrate the new trend, many YouTube users have updated their channels to teach the common man on how he could design the mask for protection against the virus.

The ‘corona-fashion’ is said by others as an iteration of what has been created in the mid-1890s among some cultures in Europe and Asia.

The nose masks however opposed the Michael Myers kind, which is the eye-covering type, both of which have their own history and symbol.


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Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

I am An Entertainment Columnist, Content Writer, Blogger, Novelist, Poet, and a Publicist.

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