Irreplaceable Episode 23

Irreplaceable Episode 23 Celine finds prove against the Hernandezes, Sam vows to make Emman falls for her by hook or crook

Emman and Caloy saw Sam off. Emman said he was still on his job hunt and Sam reminded him to return to the NIA but he refused. He told Sam that she already knew his reason. At the party of Araceli, Leo told her that Arnold’s application at the NIA has been accepted and he would be going for orientation.

Araceli saw the work as dangerous and Clarissa admitted it was. She said she was always scared even when Leo was promoted to the head and had not been going to the field. Leo told his wife not to worry because he now have a body guard. Amelia was however, watching out for Celine. She called Anton to ask about her so Anton began searching for her.

Meanwhile, Celine followed the sound of the phone tone to Araceli’s room to find a box hidden in a safe which the phone was ringing from. Anton called out her name and she quickly fixed the box to where she detached it. She ran to see Anton and they joined the guests down to hear Araceli’s message of success and trials she passed through as a mother who her son underwent a heart transplant.

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She said as a year has been added to her year, she would serve, support and give more to the society. The crowd cheered her. Clarissa talked to Celine to ask how she was coping. Celine said she was okay and Clarissa said she should contact her if she needed something. She went to ask Nick if he had taken in something and she went to serve him.

Amelia asked Leo whether he was okay to have Nick as a driver and reminded him that he would pay for any consequences. Leo said he only wanted to help the Salvadors. Another thing Amelia added was that his wife had started to think he was cheating and did not want Clarissa to pass through the experience she earlier passed through when Leo rushed her to the hospital after she tried to take her life when he cheated on her.

Leo promised not to repeat that especially knowing Clarissa might not make it to life again. Caloy asked Emman’s permission to court Sam. Emman said he needed no permission from him since he and Sam were only friends. Sam, on the other hand, thought about her mother and how she cried on Renzo, her husband who failed to see Sam.

Sam cried that what happened to them could be an act of fate. Her mother had waited till her last breath to be with Renzo but she waited in vain. On her side, she was not ready to suffer same fate. She made a decision to do everything to win Emman’s heart at all cost. At the birthday party, Anton toasted for longer life for his mother.

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He used the occasion to introduce his fiance to his guests and told the people how brave and strong Celine was to search nook’s and crannies to find her son, Robbie. He actually said that since he saw Celine coming from Araceli’s room and believed Celine was suspecting his family. Celine thanked the Hernandez for their lōve and support, for Anton lõving Robbie as his own.

Anton proposed to Celine again to marry him. Celine thought about the phone which rang in the room of the Hernandez and the suspicious pictures she snapped from the safe. She decided to accept to marry Anton with her own reason. Nick looked disappointed when she accepted the proposal of Anton. In the house of the Salvadors, Bernie begged Emman to ask for his forgiveness for being stubborn.

He said Analyn made him realise his mistakes. Nick arrived home to hear Emman complaining about not being able to secure any work. Nick advised him to talk to Agent Chavez, he believed he would be a great help to him. Emman did not want to worry Agent Chavez but Nick did not see that as a bother. For Caloy, he was lucky since the one who employed him was a familiar person.

Anton later talked privately with Celine to beg her for taking her off guard to propose to her. He only wanted to make her happy after losing her son. Celine now dwelt on the deàth of Robbie to slow Anton. Linda got there and said Celine was slowing it since it was a myth for a woman grieving to marry right away. Anton said he did not intend for them to marry him right away.

He told Celine that he was not in a rush, they could marry when she was ready. Anton told his mother that Celine sneaked into her room so Amelia and Araceli checked and did not see that Celine saw anything that she could use to implicate them. Amelia was upset with Anton that he proposed to Celine for the second time while he knew she was suspecting them. The two began to argue and Araceli did not ruin her birthday.

Celine went to Emman’s house to inform him about her findings when she investigated them. She showed Emman the pictures if they could link Araceli and Dr Josephine Gomez’ picture both took last year at a health convention to prove their involvement in the deàth of Robbie.

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Emman said it was not solid evidence as that could be termed as circumstantial evidence. Yet that picture could help them to unleash the truth. Anton called Dante to inform him about Celine’s suspicions about his family but Francisco said suspecting did not mean an evidence. So far as he was concerned, Sam and her group have not gotten any evidence to link them to the crime. Anton was still worried since Sam’s loyalty did not lie to Francisco but with Emman.

Which meant that any investigation they were doing against his family would be among. Emman’s camp while Francisco was kept in the dark. He was sure they were suspecting Dante so he advised him to change tactics. Celine was hurt since she was suspecting the family of the man she was going to marry.

She then revealed to Emman that for the second time, Anton proposed to marry her and she accepted. Emman believed she accepted in order to dig deeper into what happened to Robbie but cautioned her to be careful for throwing herself into the lion’s den. Emman was still hoping that they could fix what they had since he still lōved her.

Celine said sorry to him and Emman asked whether there was no hope for her to lōve him back. Celine walked out, leaving Emman to brood over his broken heart. He took from his drawer, the ring he wanted to use to propose to her. Both reflected on their conversation and Celine’s eyes was heavy with tears while in a car going home.

The next day, Nick told Emman and Caloy that he was still not sure that a prominent family like the Hernandez would be trafficking organs of innocent kids. He believed Anton might be innocent since he lõved Celine but Caloy saw the act of Anton as a show he was pulling off to clear minds from him. Nick said they needed to act cautiously since they might be wrong with their suspicions.

Emman told Sam about it and the latter told Emman that Nick was right. They needed to be patient but Emman has run out of patient and bursted on Sam. Sam said he needed time so she was giving him time to get over his anger. Emman asked for forgiveness for venting his anger on her and making it seem like he was blaming her.

Sam said it was okay since she was doing everything because she lõved him and wanted him to get justice for Robbie and she was not ready to lose hope even if she looked stüpid and all that while voicing out her actual feelings. She left to go to see Araceli while driving she reflected on everything and she wept bitterly from broken heart.


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