Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 46-50

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 46-50 Leo uses Sam against Emman after her relationship with Emman hits the rocks, Emman ruins Anton’s wedding with Celine

After telling their son the truth about his real father, Leo and Amelia struggle to face Lester’s endless questions. Worried over Emman sudden disappearance, Caloy lashes out at Celine over the letter’s persistence in marrying Anton despite their growing suspicions on her fiancé.

Anton finds himself at Emman’s mercy. Despite putting his plans in a precarious position, Emman insists to Sam that he did the right thing. Learning about the culprit behind her brother’s abduction, Amelia contacts Leo in a bid to exact her revenge on Emman. Later, Anton makes a risky decision upon receiving a bad news.

A strong desire to save Emman washes over Celine as Leo launches a manhunt operation against him. The former NIA agent, on the other hand, takes refuge in Sam’s old house for the time being. Sam and Marcelo get one step ahead of Leo while they uncover the DNS General link to the organ trafficking syndicate.

Wanting to expose the truth, Nick posts photos showing Leo’s connection with Franco at the DNS. As news of his alleged involvement with the organ trafficking syndicate breaks out, the DNS chief gets summoned by General Ronquillo.

Growing concerned for her daughter, Linda reveals to Nick why Celine wants to marry Anton. Amid Emman’s status as fugitive, Gabo urges Marcelo to help Emman in his search for the truth. Sam’s heart shatters into pieces when she learns of the ex-NIA agent’s intention to stop Celine’s plan of marrying Anton to spy on the Hernandezes.

With their next move against Emman over all set, Leo orders his spawn to keep an eye on someone close to their target. Wanting to succeed in his planned entrapment operation against Emman, Leo tries to manipulate Sam into turning her back against the ex-NIA agent.

He then offers a peace of mind to Amelia as he mounts a surprise attack against Gabo. While Sam distances herself from the Salvadors, Caloy discovers the shadow lurking behind him and Nick.

Watching the news, Leo loses his cool as his name gets tangled in the assassination attempt against Gabo. Meanwhile, Emman pays Sam a visit to ask for forgiveness. Adamant in finding out the truth, Celine silences the uncertainties in her heart as she heads to the wedding venue.

Anton turns a deaf ear to Amelia’s last-minute attempt to sway his mind about his marriage to Celine. Upon receiving information that Emman has arrived at the wedding venue, Leo orders his men to prevent him from spoiling the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Gabo takes on a mission to prove the DNS General’s connection to the organ trafficking syndicate. Livid over his fiancée’s betrayal, Anton is hell-bent on making Celine pays for the pains she caused him. Emman makes a smart move in an attempt to save Celine from Anton’s clutches.

While fleeing from Anton and Franco, Emman sees a ray of hope as Sam arrives to help him escape with Celine. Nick and Caloy pray for a silver lining after getting caught by Leo’s men.


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