La Vida Lena Episode 48

La Vida Lena Episode 48 Vanessa’s face gets disfigured in her own plot, Ramona is stãbbed in prison, Adrian trapped Jordan in a building full of explosives 

While she went to the Narcisos mansion in fury, Lena overheard Adrian and his mother arguing. Vanessa was upset that Adrian did not seek her permission before deciding on selling the mansion. He also did nothing to reclaim Royal Wellness from Lena.

Adrian insisted on her going outside the country, where she would not be expedite. Adrian convinced his mother that she had to go in order to shield her from any arrest for her crimes, especially now that Brian was arrested.

He said she would not be charged since she was innocent. Lena told Ramona that she was sad that she felt sorry for Adrian as she did not know that he had a hand in the demise of Dado. Jordan said if he was not there the previous evening, Adrian would have ràped Lena. Betchay and Ramona insisted on Lena to get Adrian arrested.

Lena said she had better plans to pit Adrian and Vanessa against each other till they k!ll themselves. Martina did not understand that Adrian was forcing his mother to live abroad against her will. Ramona believed he was hiding something so Jordan said he would hack his cell phone and email.

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Lena later received a call that Juan Renoso has escaped. She met with Kiko together with Adrian and told Kiko that it was possible a jail guard helped him to escape. Adrian warned Kiko to find that bòmber to make him pay for what he did.

After that, Adrian followed Lena to apologise, giving excuse that he was drunk but Lena said whether drunk or sober, he was not a good a person. Lena said if she knew, she would have done worse things to him. She revealed to him that she knew he was the one who ordered Brian to steal her formula which made her grandfather d!e. Adrian in sober voice said the fire was not part of the plan.

Jordan finished his investigation on Miguel and told Lena that the investors who she believed they rejected her business proposals denied everything.

They invested in M&R and it meant that Miguel somehow manipulated M&R’s cash flow and was stealing from the company. He showed Lena evidence of what he found about Miguel when he hacked his email and online bank account.

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He had huge sums of money in his foreign account. The records showed that Miguel had received the money from the investors and was keeping it. Jordan branded him as a con man. Lena was extremely shocked and called him opportunist, who never cared about anyone. He was merely after money, she swore to make him pay. She rushed to the condo to inform Miguel that Adrian tried to rãpe her.

Miguel stormed the Narcisos mansion, to fight Adrian who was already drunk and has skipped his meals. Vanessa separated the fight and was surprised to see they were fighting over Lena.

“You know that woman’s face is fake just like that l0ve she was showing you.”

“Stop being so pathetic!”

“My gosh I will put an end to this once and for all.”

Adrian was in a hood walking on the street at the middle of the night with Juan Renoso, hinting that both had a secret talk. The next day, Rachel went to Miguel’s condo with her result of her test kit but seeing his face and learning that he fought with Adrian over Lena, she withheld her speech and she’d tears while she left, saying she could manage.

Vanessa went to Lena’s condo. Since her target was not there, she sat outside with her Muriatic acid waiting for Lena. She opened the lid of her acid and once she saw Lena coming, she confronted Lena for messing with the brains of Adrian and Miguel aside her manipulating Lukas to make her his heiress.

She attacked her with an acid so Lena defended herself. As they were struggling, Vanessa hit the ground and the acid poured on her face.

Lena rushed her to the hospital. When Adrian arrived, Vanessa acted like the victim, blaming Lena for attacking her with acid. She said Lena was envious of her beauty so she ruined her face. Lena explained to Adrian that his mom tried to attack her with an acid and it poured on her instead. Rachel started off with a plan that would help herself and Allison. She was ready to sell some of her designer bags.

Allison advised her to tell Miguel about her pregnancy for him to support the baby with finances. The police went to the hospital to get the statement of Vanessa. Vanessa claimed that Lena was mentally unstable she went to have a talk with her and she suddenly attacked her to pour that awful chemical on her.

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Kiko reminded her of the consequences of giving false testimony to the official. Vanessa acted up that her face was ruined and she could not give false testimony. Kiko interjected that why would Lena harm her and choose to do it in her own condo unit.

“How could she have known that you will be there?”

Vanessa indicated that she had a call from her that she should be in her condo for them to talk and that was when she attacked her. Kiko asked if they could look at her phone call logs to verify her testimony but she refused and threatened to sue Kiko for obstruction of justice.

Kiko then told her that the security camera recorded everything and the guard also said she was there and waited for Lena and then she attacked her. Lena was only defending herself.

“I am sorry I am tired I want to talk more about what happened but not now…”

“I think I need some rest I want you guys to leave.”

Kiko warned Vanessa to stop her act, since her husband was deàd and Conrad was behind bars, there was no support system for her to shield her acts. He said the case she wanted to file was unfounded.

Hearing what had happened to Vanessa, Ramona told Lena that what goes around comes back around and Vanessa got punished for everything she did to Lena and Helen.

That made her hopeful that whatsoever one does,  the person will pay for it at the long round. Lena said Vanessa even tried to frame her for what happened to her and that proved that Ramona was framed. She assured Ramona that she would be put of there.

Adrian spoke to the mysterious person he had always been speaking with. He told the person that Vanessa was at the hospital and warned the person not to go there since it was risky.

Rachel went back to Miguel’s condo to discover that Miguel had a huge amount of money in his account in Macau. Miguel said he deserved that money, he worked so hard for it. Rachel inquired from him where he got that money from since M&R could not pay him that amount. Rachel confronted him that he stole the money from Lena  and she thought he was in löve with her.

Lena went to the hospital to make fun of Vanessa over her ugly face. She said it was sad that her husband who would have performed surgery on her face was déad and the doctor who she heard was excellent than Lukas, she has framed her and now was in jail. Vanessa said she did not frame Ramona and threatened Lena. Lena went to M&R to inform her friends about Vanessa’s denial. Jordan said he would get into the bottom of it.

Rachel told her sister that Miguel was stealing from Lena and she should have been been happy but she did not want her child to have a father who was a thief, user and opportunist. Rachel said she could see Miguel lóved no one but himself. Conrad borrowed a phone from one of the guards to call Vanessa to check up on her. Vanessa said Lena has turned her into a freak.

She enlisted his help to find someone who would get close to Rona Joaquin. Some inmates ganged up on Ramona to stàb her. When Lena heard the news she rushed to the hospital to weep, asking Ramona who was in a critical situation to fight for her life. Recalling the threat of Vanessa to hurt all her l0ved ones, Lena went to see a prisoner to order her to tell her husband to make a bömb for her.

Adrian met with Lena to explain that what happened to Dado was an accident. He told her about his l0ve for her again and Lena made it clear that she would not fall for any member of his twisted family so Adrian asked whether Miguel was included.

Lena told Adrian that his problem was, he never apologise for his deeds and that was the typical character of the Narcisos.

Jordan was disappointed in Lena for planning to blow up Royal Wellness in order for the company not to recover. Jordan said he would not be part of that. Unknown to Lena, Adrian heard her conversation and hit Jordan with a wood that evening in order to k!ll Jordan.

He said if he did not get Lena, then he would not make Jordan get her. Lena met with the bömber and he told Lena that no one was inside Royal Wellness Building.

It was left with 10minutes for the bõmb to explode so the bömber told Lena they should leave. Since Lena told him that he should detonate it, the man left with the detonator. Jordan was conscious but found himself trapped in Royal Wellness building. He discovered that he was tied in the storage room, next to the bõmb. He found a way to seek for help by switching on and off the light.

Lena who was about to escape in her car realised someone was trapped inside the building. She ran there to hear the screams of Jordan. She got him out but Jordan took the bõmb and raced to throw it out. This saved the building of Royal Wellness and was sent to the hospital. He gave a report to his father but said he did not know the one who planted the bõmb.

Jordan explained that if he had left the bõmb to explode all the stocks would have exploded along with the building. He did that for Lena in order to help her save Royal Wellness. Later, Lena thanked Jordan for not only saving her from the Narcisos and Adrian but he saved her from herself. She was grateful to Jordan for making her realised that what she was doing would affect others.

She visited Ramona to inform her that she has changed her plans. Now, she would help Royal Wellness to recover. Ramona was glad to hear that. Ramona was happy that Lena made her good heart triumphed and that was the Lena she l0ved as a daughter.

Rachel went to the condo to give the signed divorce papers to Miguel. He was so happy, stressing that Lena would be happy to hear that.

He called Lena several times but she did not pick it. He assumed that Lena was busy and he thanked Rachel for signing the divorce papers. He asked Rachel why she changed her mind all of a sudden to sign the papers and she said she opened her eyes to the truth.

Jordan came to inform Lena about the strange thing he discovered about Adrian after he hacked into Adrian’s system. He discovered that Adrian has transferred all his monies into a foreign accounts and also has different credit cards which one was used frequently in Quazorn.

Lena found that as impossible since Quazorn was far from there and Adrian was always at Royal Wellness or worrying her. She believed someone  stole the credit card or better still Juan Renoso was using it. Miguel suggested they go to Quazorn the next day to find out Adrian’s secret.


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