Love Of My Life Highlights Finale Episode 36-40

Love Of My Life Highlights Finale Episode 36-40 Adelle gives birth to premature child, Kelly and Nikolai finally marry and live happily ever after

Siony settles in the house owned by Isabella. Realising Adelle has left the house with her mother without any prior message, Kelly and Nikolai move mountains to get in touch with her but all their attempts prove futile.

Siony keeps rejecting Kelly and Nikolai’s call till one day when she picks it and warns Nikolai against her daughter. This leads to a misunderstanding between Siony and Adelle.

Soon, Nikolai discovers where they are and goes there. Siony wastes no time in sacking him but Adelle sneaks out to meet Niks the moment he is tired of waiting and was leaving. He advises Adelle to come home in fulfilment of Stefano’s last wish.

He reminds her that he has stopped pursuing her and his wedding is even around the corner. Adelle then confesses her actual feelings to him and Niks accepts her. He is ready to call off his wedding, claiming Kelly will understand since she is already aware of what he feels for her since day one.

Niks is not ready to sacrifice his and Adelle’s happiness to marry Kelly but Adelle rather prefers to hold back her feelings to avoid complications. Niks runs from home and when Kelly discovers the truth, she goes to confront Adelle for føōling and stabbing her at the back. She calls Adelle hypocrite but Siony is there to defend her daughter.

Adelle apologises to Kelly but Kelly says she destroyed everything she worked so hard for and now her wedding is affected by her selfish act. Adelle soon in her room collapses and she is rushed to the hospital. She hovers around life and deàth but Dr Freda manages to save her baby and her.

The baby is premature and is put in an incubator. Kelly is not ready to live under the same roof with Adelle, hearing she will be returning to the house. She packs to leave but Isabella talks to her and tells her to apologise to Adelle so that they can all live amicably as her daughter, Bella who is named after her was not fit and needs medical attention.

Adelle and Siony arrive, Kelly tries to patch things up but Adelle blamed her for what she suffered for  her daughter to be born prematurely. Kelly tells her to blame herself as she is not responsible for her complications. She accuses Adelle for destroying her life and calls her friendship with her a quit.

Fast forward, Kelly stumbles on her wedding cards which is brought to the house and becomes devastated. She bumps into Adelle and warns her not to come in her way. They fight and Siony also joins her daughter to fight Kelly but Kelly handles both. Their act makes Isabella’s blood pressure rise, she is admitted and almost loses her life.

Her soul meets Stefano and he tells her to return home. She prefers to live with him but Stefano reminds her that he has always stayed in her heart.

Regaining consciousness, Isabella solves the problem between Kelly and Adelle. Kelly later brings back their friendship. Due to his mother’s situation, Niks returns home and he goes straight to the hospital. He begs Kelly for what he did and he is ready to take responsibility of his child.

However, Kelly refuses to stay in the house when Isabella gets discharged. Niks become more responsible and mature as he occupies his mother’s position at Gonzales Group of Companies.

A year later, Kelly comes to the big mansion and Adelle comes home too. Kelly break the news of delivering a son who she named Niks Junior. The family stay united and happy.

Niks marry Kelly and Isabella talks about the real nature of love, which is patience, all forgiven and endures the test of time. Kelly and Nikolai live happily ever after with their son while Adelle gets comforted by Isabella to live life alone .


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