Two Wives Highlights Episode 11-15

Two Wives Highlights Episode 11-15 Yvonne files concubinage lawsuit against Victor and Janine, Victor to annul his marriage with Yvonne 

Learning about Yvonne’s miscarriage, Doris breaks the news to her mother. She and Gary initiate actions to make Victor and his mistress pay. Doris confronts Janine and blames her for the miscarriage Yvonne had.

Elsewhere, Gary slaps Victor hard and the latter goes home to apologise to his wife for the miscarriage but Yvonne throws him out. Yvonne gets shuttered and wants to start life afresh.

Not able to contain her guilt, Yvonne packs to go to Singapore with his daughter. Fortunately or unfortunately, Victor finds them and stop them from going. He tears the passports of Janine and that of Audrey and promise to marry her.

Mimi helps Yvonne out to change her looks. She goes out with her and she gets drunk. An incident lands Yvonne in police custody so Albert gets to the place. Unknown to him, Victor has also heard it and is also there. Both mention their names and their relationship with Yvonne.

Victor is chastised by the Barangay officials when he reveals himself as Yvonne’s husband. The police scold him for being the reason his wife is hurt. Victor feels jealous with the presence of Albert and drags Yvonne out.

Since Albert witnesses how Yvonne is struggling to break loose from him. Albert intervenes and Victor punches him. The two engage in a fist fight. Later, Marcus has an issue and Victor confronts Yvonne and accuses her of flirting around at the expense of her son. The two accuse each other.

Yvonne seeks help from Albert and put much efforts on her looks to look more attractive. She goes to Janine’s house to cause trouble. Janine warns Victor that next time she will not tolerate that as she has already been !nsülted.

It has been a year and Marcus celebrates his birthday once again. Victor and Janine go there to meet Marcus and Janine gives him a present.

Their presence ruins the surprise party for Marcus. Soon, Victor serves Yvonne with court sermons to annul his marriage with her. Yvonne not ready to lose her husband does everything possible to get noticed by Victor and to also torment the life of Janine. But the more she tries, the more her husband draws closer to Janine.

One night, Janine stumbles on Dale’s mother and her friends in a restaurant. Sandy makes fun of her so Janine leaves the place with Victor but not when she confronted the woman.

To top all the challenges she is facing for løving a married man, Vida, Janine’s aunt who took care of her also appears in the country. Janine’s affair goes viral to even affect her social and professional life. After several talks with Janine to leave Victor proves futile, Vida decides to take the lands where Janine has a flower plantation.

Janine offers to pay 800 grand for the land since she can’t leave Victor, much to the surprise of Vida. Vida gives her two weeks to pay the money.

Yvonne is forced to file a concubinage lawsuit against Victor. After legal consultation, Victor visits Yvonne to plead with her to drop the charges.

Since Yvonne refuses, he enlists the help of his mother and Sonia personally talks to Yvonne to drop the charges as it will land Victor in prison. For the sake of her son, Yvonne drops the charges.

Elsewhere, Janine meets a potential investor for an investment meeting and the man likes her presentation so they arrange to meet again, least did she know that the man finds her attractive.

Yvonne comes home to meet Marlon, her brother who is believed to be in Dubai and he narrates his bitter tales which makes him find it difficult to reach out to his family after his sudden departure. A night to the hearing, Janine recalls her dramatic past with Dale and his mother who Janine’s mother used to be his rival.

It turned out that Sandy did not like Janine because her mother was Dale’s father’s mistress, this forces Dale to end his relationship with Janine to continue his life outside the country.

Fast forward, the marriage annulment case is heard and Yvonne attacks Victor for claiming she is mentally incapacitated and regrets for dropping her charges against him. Janine gets there and Yvonne attacks and curses her and Victor that they will face karma.

Janine warns her to put her act together because Victor chose her and insists that Yvonne has mental problems. Mimi, on the other hand reveals the truth to Marlon that Victor is getting his marriage with Yvonne annulled.

Armed with the information he needed, Marlon goes to Janine’s place to meet Carla and he destroys everything at Janine’s office.


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