Video of Xandy Kamel endorsing adultery emerges after she fights her husband over same crime
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Video of Xandy Kamel endorsing adultery emerges after she fights her husband over same crime

Video of Xandy Kamel endorsing adultery emerges after she fights her husband over same crime

Socialite, Xandy Kamel is forced to lick her own spit after a video which has surfaced online saw her endorsing adultery.

This follows the actress calling for a dissolution of her marriage to Angel FM sports journalist, Kaninja after the former accused the latter of alleged cheating.

The marriage which was believed to be a year old has allegedly hit the rocks thus has resulted in an emotional revelation by Xandy claiming a sidechic fighting with her over her husband.

In a viral video she accused her husband of cheating on her, she also insulted him over his infidelity.

According to her, her husband’s expedition with sidechics was the reason the marriage was hitting the rocks.

However, another video has re-emerged on social media given an account on Xandy Kamel’s, then unmarried endorsing the advent of married men going out for side chics.

According to her, she saw nothing wrong with the phenomenon since it opened opportunities for other single ladies to have men in their lives.

“If all men become faithful what will happen to we the single ladies? If you don’t take care of your man and he falls into my trap I will gladly grab her after all he will just use some not all,” she added.

With her marriage experiencing a shipwreck, many believed the actress was licking back her spit.

Meanwhile, Xandy speaking in a YouTube show that was hosted and produced by Kumawood star, Tracey Boakye sometime ago stated that she and her husband were into eachother and would probably die together.

She also debunked claims that she was facing difficulties in her marriage and was pretending that all was well on social media.

Xandy indicated that her marriage was doing just fine an was a happily married woman.

Xandy added that even if there had to be a breakup in the marriage, she was not the one going to initiate it since it was her husband who went to see her family to ask for her hand in marriage.

In reacting to a myriad of questions posed to her, Xandy indicated that she would advise any lady aged between 25 and 35 years to go into marriage if and only if they understood the man in question.

The actress who doubles as a TV presenter tied the knot with King Kaninja, a sports presenter with Angel FM, at a private ceremony on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

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