Will God ever forgive ‘coronavirus’ for refraining the world from celebrating the ‘death and resurrection’ of his son, Jesus Christ?

It is barely a month that coronavirus changed the narrative of the country after two persons were diagnosed of the virus.

Within a blink of an eye, over 19,000 lives were at stake as they had come into contact with those who had tested positive for the virus, which majority were travellers.

The deadly respiratory ailment led the country to uncertainty, initially the citizenry was told to practice good hygiene by regularly washing hands under running water while adopting the use of sanitisers.

The quick spread of this virus compelled the government to ban social gathering and movement, this led to the cancellation of many renowned events, including weddings, awards and religious activities among others.

Church and mosque were ordered not to open for the public to go for service, at a point when COVID-19 began making airwaves in other parts of the world many pastors, Christians and other religious individuals thought God was the ultimate answer to the redemption quest, and the abode of God would be the perfect hideout from this strange virus.

Thus, many pastors in Ghana championed the idea among Christians that since the country is a religious nation, the deadly ailments would not ever step its contagious foot in the abode of God, which is the country.

Prior to its emergence in the country, some people stood strongly on the belief that the sun which has become the eye of God on the land would not even blink and that its scorch would kill the virus.

However all those predictions were rolled like a mat into the garbage by this ‘virus,’ what an omen?

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo declared a National Day of Fasting and Prayers for the nation to go on its knees to seek the face of God for him to offer healing to the land but it seems the more the nation tried the least the virus cared.

Now the case count from two persons have increased to 313 and still counting while six people are already in the Bossom of God.

During December 31, last year many pastors were optimistic that this year would be an amazing year for the world especially Christians and had many plans for this Easter including Easter Conventions and other religious activities to celebrate the son of God.

One will ask, will the son of God be celebrated while lives are taken by this deadly virus on hospital beds, isolation centres and homes?

Indeed this year is amazing! People who had greater plans for Easter, those who wanted to throw parties at churches and homes have all coiled back to their shells.

No one thought that, Easter would be crumpled in such manner into the bin! It had always been an enjoyable festivity even than Christmas because it presents a celebration over sin and the joy of gaining eternal life.

The festivity is celebrated in every sixth and half weeks from Ash Wednesday to worship the eternally perfect God who separated Himself from every other deity by choosing to give up His life to restore and save the lives of His creation, which is stated in John 17:4 and stressed “it is finished.”

Indeed it is finished! Easter has always been about candies, bunnies, chocolates with other traditional celebrations, ear marked, including Kwahu Easter, where people from all walks of life join the cruise to the area to enjoy the Easter.

Many people who bought their designer shoes, jeans, bikini, bags and blouse are now tearing them to sew facial masks to take respite from the pandemic.

This year, Easter is expected to be celebrated on April 12, which the world is now saving its life from the celebration.

Last year many church games were promised by organisers to be better and bigger this year. Those who enjoyed playing the role of  Mary and Joseph would miss it this year.

Judas, the betrayer would not be able to kiss Jesus by courtesy of social distancing, oh What an omen!

Who would narrate the story to a kid who turned two years to understand the character of Jesus through school plays.

Indeed we are not in normal times! Who would bring back the joy of Easter Celebration, who will present the world with a relief from the deadly Coronavirus for people to enjoy the holy Communion which was (is) the body and the blood of God? What a pity!

The world has always built faith in God through men of God and Sundays have always served the people with the food of the holy spirit (sermon) gradually Sundays have become a day for the country to listen to their verdict of movement.

Slowly, coronavirus is exposing men of God, and branding some as “liars” to the eyes of the world as those who predicted the end of the virus got it all wrong!

Thousands of people keep dying each day as the world sit on tenterhooks.

Slowly renowned, Doctors, scientists and researchers were proven unprepared for the pandemic as none has been able to unravel the nature of the virus (the World Health Organisation initially saying COVID-19 is not airborne but had to revise their notes only days after) and provided ultimate cure for it, gradually metaphysicians are trying to draw an idea that the ailment is a “natural catastrophe” and it is bound to happen in life, thus will disappear by its own, wow….is this a fallacy?

Last Sunday was supposed to be a day that the world had to troupe on streets with palm leaves in merry making but they laid  helplessly on their beds!

What kind of ailment is this! An ailment that has taken freedom away from the world, one that has glued the lips of human right advocates who fought for freedom of movement and right for association!

Human movement is now determined by this pandemic, the celebration of the death and resurrection of God’s beloved son is now being held in solitude.

Will God ever forgive ‘coronavirus’ for refraining the world from celebrating the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ?


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

I am An Entertainment Columnist, Content Writer, Blogger, Novelist, Poet, and a Publicist.

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