Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 472

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 472 Cardo gains double promotion as Lieutenant and Captain, Dante launches surprise attack on Cardo during his promotional celebration

At Camp Crame, General Dela Cruz congratulated Cardo for salvaging the incident when bōmb was thrown at the inauguration. Looking into the incident, Alessandra said a van with an unregistered number was seen.

Alessandra, later thanked Dalisay for saving her life at Sapang Bato. She saw that Cardo truly deserved his promotion. On the other hand, Lazaro planned to ensure Lily would be indebted to him. He believed Renato was forming a private army and could strike at any given time and told Cedric that they needed to remain alert.

“Brace yourself Lily,”  Renato thought.

“I am sure you’re terrified that the score of deãth remains at you.”

“But now I will make your worse come true!”

“I will k!ll you for real now and take back all the money you stole from me.”

Flora was no longer getting customers and all her customers have rather gone to Kap and Kon’s eatery. Ema came to Flora’s eatery to show her how Captain Bart took advantage of the incident to role out his own agenda. Lily called Oscar to check on him after the bombing incident. She told him that she would visit. Lazaro explained to Cedric that he needed Lily to protect his business.

At the palace, Delfin suggested Oscar should declare Nation Emergency but Oscar said that would create fear and panic so he would only explain what actually happened during the inaugural ceremony of Flora’s Garden. Delfin feared that would not be the last time someone would make an assassination attempt on his life.

Oscar said not only him, both Delfin and Diana too. Cardo went to see Dela Cruz in his office. The General asked him if he has a suspect in mind but Cardo has no one in mind except the van that the witnesses saw. He was told to investigate the matter.

Oscar had a press conference to explain how his national security advisor, chief of staff, captain Edwin, taskforce Agila, family and friends who were celebrating lives were put at risk but they were all saved by the courageous Police Senior Master Sargeant Ricardo Dalisay who is also the leader of Taskforce Agila.

The team of Basco were jealous that Cardo would be promoted to become a Captain after being lieutenant. One of his members said just one more rank and he would also be a Major like Basco. Basco saw no problem with that. He told them they would work together regardless of the ranks.

Captain Bart had entertainers to entertain his customers. He believed Flora would not be able to pick up again. Flora couldn’t sell half of her food and she decided to use the rest of the to throw a party for Cardo since it was his promotion ceremony. Cardo passed all the requirements for the entry to be promoted to Police Lieutenant so Dela Cruz announced during the ceremony to award him this new title as Captain.

He chronicled his achievement and selfless efforts in saving the people and the president while he has led successful missions to bring down crime syndicates. The officers clapped for him as he swore the oath of allegiance to his new post as Police Lieutenant.

Yolly showed the picture of Cardo when he was sworn in. Flora and the family were happy for him. Alyana praised her husband and narrated to Bubbles how Cardo’s sacrifice has paid off. Oscar was optimistic that Cardo’s promotion would inspire many. Dante, led his pesky goons to Camp Crame to attack the police force.

Elizabeth served Diana and Lily came in with cupcakes  Diana told her to bring extra coffee for them to eat with the cupcakes. Cedric recruited new goons and Lazaro ordered him to deploy them to protect Lily. Lily tried to fish out what Diana knew about Mrs Vergara. She first claimed to be Mrs Vegara’s friend and met her during a conference in Asia.

She said the woman even invited her to the opening of her restaurant but she couldn’t make it. She then heard there was a shōõtout at the restaurant. She asked Diana if she had visited Vergara’s restaurant before and she said yes. Looking at the newspaper, Lily wished they could find the k!ller soon.

She told Diana that she was leaving, only for her to hide listening to Diana’s conversation on Vergara’s death with a police officer. Cardo’s comrades celebrated him as they were addressing him as Captain Dalisay and they would take commands from him. Cardo said they were all the same and they would work together.

Oscar called Dela Cruz to have an update on the official promotion of Cardo. The General passed the phone to Cardo and Oscar congratulated him. He also thanked him for saving the life of everyone. Cardo also thanked him for believing in the entire Taskforce. The guys asked Cardo to treat them for his double promotion and Cardo invited everyone including Domengsu to celebrate that evening.

Lily gave gifts to the kids and joined Oscar for dinner. She spoonfed Oscar and promised to buy him more cupcakes next time since Oscar said it was delicious. However, Elizabeth claimed she tasted some but it was not nice.

Cardo called Alyana so the latter told Yolly that there was a change of plans so Cardo would not be able to come home. So they planned to keep the food to serve as breakfast.

Cardo led his comrades to an eatery which he and his comrades protected them days ago. They were happy to hear that Cardo was promoted. The police got seated to eat and drink. Basco and Dela Cruz told Cardo about the news they heard about him when he was at the CIDG.

Billy told them that Cardo used to have a twin called Ador and he was equally a great police officer. They toasted for success and as they were celebrating, Dante who had been keeping tabs on them all those while, went inside the eatery, leaving his men inside the van.

He went to spy on them and due to the celebration, Cardo did not see him so did his comrades.


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