Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 570-574

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 570-574 Lily discovers Oscar’s real condition and administers a new medicine, Lito lures Cardo with a job offer in an attempt to snatch Alyana

Cardo and Task Force Agila explore the area around Ramon’s home to get themselves familiar with their new base of operations. Elizabeth accidentally uncovers more shocking information about Oscar’s actual condition.

Back at Ramon’s home, Lito becomes overjoyed when he and Alyana finally meet again. However, he soon makes a heartbreaking discovery after meeting Cardo. Task Force Agila tries to come up with an escape plan should the authorities catch up with the group. Diana and Teddy try to come up with a plan to put pressure on Oscar to face the public.

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Lily and Arturo hold a meeting with Renato to solidify their drug operations in the country. Back in the presidential palace, James and P/Cpt. Salonga take advantage of their enemies’ absence to check President Hidalgo’s real condition.  Alyana chooses not to tell Cardo about her past with Lito.

Frustrated by their shaky alliance, Lily puts Juan in his place following his skirmish with Jacob. Back at the presidential palace, James and P/Cpt. Salonga sneak inside Oscar’s room to find out the president’s real condition. Bent on getting Alyana back, Lito vows to get rid of Cardo.

Lily and Arturo bristle with rage after James and P/Cpt. Salonga saw Mariano in the flesh. Back at their safe house in Batangas, Cardo and Task Force Agila brace themselves for their visit at Lito’s mansion. Lito looks forward to seeing Alyana once again.

Alyana and Task Force Agila have a day of relaxation as they finally visit Lito’s hacienda. Lito treats his special guests to a feast and makes an extremely generous offer to Task Force Agila. Meanwhile, Diana and Teddy discuss the importance of bringing Cardo back to solve the mystery surrounding the president.

James and P/Cpt. Salonga alert Teddy and Diana of what is happening inside the presidential palace. An unexpected development throws a wrench into Lily’s plans. Elsewhere, Lito masks his ulterior motives as he offers a job opportunity to Cardo and Task Force Agila.

Lily calls Renato for help after discovering that Oscar is fully aware of their plans. Teddy and Diana hold their breaths as they force the president into showing himself in front of the public. Cardo asks Alyana for advice about Lito’s job offer.

Bent on keeping Oscar under control, Renato prepares a new intravenous drug. James, P/Cpt. Salonga, and the Palace household staff plan their next move as they remain hell-bent on saving the president. Meanwhile, Cardo and Task Force Agila accept the job offer from Lito.

Lito lets his guests enjoy themselves around his clubhouse as he tries to buy some time alone with Alyana. Worried about Alyana, Virgie calls Teddy in hopes of contacting their daughter. The news about the journalists’ call for the presidential palace to let Oscar face the public reaches Flora and Yolly.


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