Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 570

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 570 Elizabeth comes face-to-face with the President, Lito cancels his important meetings to meet Alyana 

Oscar while walking bumped into Augustus who stopped him from going further. Lily and Arturo appeared in the scene and Oscar questioned only for him to wake up to find that it was all a dream. He had his eyes wide open.

Lily saw that Arturo had not been in the right frame of mind and advised him to go home and sort things out with his wife. Arturo felt that Lily was trying to dispose of him. He said that he was the one who had been hunting Cardo night and day because the issue has become personal.

That, to him meant that he was doing all the work. Lily insisted that he goes home and they should talk when he is calm. The task force scouts the entire area to know all the exits and entry as means to protect themselves should any third party launch an attack on them.

Major Opeña asked the guys to do their job right because any mistake would compromise their safety. Lily was glad that the body double of Oscar was improving. She was glad that Mariano was after all not that a wãstë. She went to see Oscar and told him that his unconsciousness has helped her to run the country.

She said she was now going to make money from her illegal drug business. Oscar kept on with his pretence and had his plans in his head. The task force was worried that Teddy and Diana could not singlehandedly handle Lily but they could only hope so that they could match up to Lily’s threats and bring her down.

Teddy discovered that the president had cancelled all his engagements. Diana believed that Oscar had not recovered completely. Teddy believed something worse could also have happened. Lily asked Oscar’s doctor about his condition and why he was still in a comatose.

The doctor said he could now breathe better, though he was still unconscious. Oscar was glad that he was also playing smart with Lily that he had kept his actual condition from her in order to get her his strength to put an end to his terror.

Major Basco and Opeña joined Delfin on the table. Delfin stated that they could have taken their güns and badges but nothing destroyed their dignity. That, he was proud of.

Using himself as an example, he said due to the solid reputation that he built many of the officers who guarded him when he was in the cell did not believe in the allegations against him. Lily revealed her plans of exhausting all Oscar’s resources to do charitable deeds to win the heart of the public in order to retain the presidential seat.

Padua liked Lily’s ambitions of becoming the next president of the country when Oscar was out of office to keep their illegal businesses up and running.

Mariano couldn’t sleep since he was hungry he was sneaking his way out when he saw Augustus. He hid, Augustus left there and Mariano sneaked out and got himself food from the fridge. Unfortunately, Elizabeth saw him and called him the President but he did not make her see his face and warned Elizabeth not to get close.

Elizabeth was surprised that the president couldn’t recognise her. He quickly climbed up and went to his room to find Augustus there. Augustus warned him not to go out because Lily would be upset with him.

Clarice did not want to wake up. Major Opeña talked to Bubbles to have patience with Clarice. Bubbles tried to get along with her but Clarice said it would not work. Cardo went to talk to Clarice to plead with her to eat and thanked her for saving his life and that of his comrades. Cardo told her that he was grateful to her for what she did.

He wanted her to cooperate with them and at the right moment, he himself would send her to Manila and see to it that, she was in her house. He told her not to hurt herself and should eat. When Cardo left, Clarice was in cloud nine. She was so happy.

Lito also planned not to leave Alyana now that she had returned. Elizabeth told her colleagues, Salonga and James that she personally saw the President eating and they wondered why the President didn’t fetch for them to get him something to eat. Elizabeth said she was upset with the President for acting like he did not know her.

James called Diana to inform her about it and they planned to meet. Lito cancelled all his important meetings just to meet Alyana. He wanted to make the first lōve impression by spoiling her with money.  James met with Diana and Teddy to talk about Oscar’s weird behaviour.

Teddy deduced that since Oscar could not recognise Elizabeth that could mean that he had not  fully recovered that was the reason he had cancelled all his public programmes. In order to get to know the real condition of Oscar, Teddy suggested they make the public insist on seeing the president.

Elizabeth sneaked her way up to find the president sitting in the midst of Padua, Lily and Augustus but she did not hear what they said and left. Lily was glad that Mariano had been able to rehearse well. Now she believed they had no problem. Juan went to the warehouse of Hipolito and he claimed the place was small.

As a very drug influential person, he thought the place to keep the drugs was big. Jacob took offence and exchanged words with Juan but Hipolito stepped in to remind him that the place was temporary for the shipment. Juan called himself the right hand man of Lily.

Hipolito hissed and warned him not to føøl himself because Lily was only using him to get rid of Cardo. Juan stated that not only that, he proved himself that was the reason Lily trusted him. He assured to k!ll Cardo. Hipolito told him to do it but should ensure not to fail again.

Cardo and his team walked to a certain wood haven at the mountain and they split themselves into three to search around. Meanwhile, Lito was in the car journeying to see Alyana and was so happy when Antonio, his right hand man called him about the meeting. It was a meeting Lito scheduled and was an important one.

The one he was supposed to meet for the business meeting had warned that Lito had to make it and it was the reason Antonio called. Lito said he could not make it and no one was more important than Alyana, that was the reason he was going to meet her.


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