The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 42

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 42 The LLU and Moonchasers form an alliance to destroy Supremo’s political career, Sandrino reveals his real identity to Samantha in a clash

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T addressed the Moonchasers on their mission to use Paglinauan to implicate Gilbert Imperial in a corruption case for Supremo to find it difficult to use the Gilbert Imperial name during his candidacy.

The LLU also schemed against Supremo to use Paglinauan’s evil deeds to tarnish the image of the Una Republika’s presidential candidate. Malia took a challenge to try k!lling Supremo since he knew she was still waiting for her powers to fully manifest before taking him on. Vergel believed Supremo would not see it coming.

As the two groups were scheming against Gilbert Imperial, Bill was also preparing a perfect strategy that would give him a sure win in the upcoming elections. The strategy merely focused on testimonials from both celebrities and the beneficiaries of Gilbert’s charity works while Paglinauan would climax it with an endorsement.

That, he believed would bring Gilbert’s name to the spotlight. As Bill was fantasising o how beautiful it would be for the Senator to raise high the hands of Gilbert to introduce him to the world, Gilbert turned his back on it.

Elsewhere, Gener ran into the office of the Moonchasers with a programme line up, marking the activities of Gilbert’s Imperial’s campaign. The team showed the document to Prof T and they confirmed that Paglinauan would deliver a speech so they prepared and set their plans in motion for the week’s event. After it was said and done, Tristan used that liberty to ask Toni out.

Gilbert apologises to Jacintha

At Youtopia, Jacintha arrived to clarify from Gilbert what she heard him saying on the phone to her. Although Gilbert did not want to repeat himself, he cast his pride aside and finally said sorry to Jacintha. Jacintha pulled him hard so the vampire king, now a presidential candidate gave candid reason for needing her.

He said he did not like the strategies Bill was proposing for his campaign as he believed those strategies would make him lose the elections, hence needed her back besides Jacintha new him better than Bill.

Jacintha accepted the job since the win of Gilbert would boost her credentials. They started the work by creating a new image for Gilbert which Gilbert had to change his looks to enhance his image in the public. Elsewhere in the woods, Samantha seeks Jethro’s help in getting in touch with Barang. Jethro did not understand why Samantha always seeks his help yet she did not want La Liga Unida to cooperate with the Moonchasers in working together.

Samantha said she was doing that for the betterment of both groups. She then gave the blackstone to Jethro to contact the former guardian. Jethro wondered why she needed the woman’s help while knowing the woman was famous for her lies in some of her predictions but Samantha believed she would have a perfect answer for their quest.

Malia was trying new clothes on when Baristo barged into her room with a she wolf. She quickly threw the clothes on her bed to save herself from being questioned but that did not deter Baristo from asking her whether she had a date, making the she wolf smiled at his back. Malia lied that she was just arranging her closet.

Jethro chanted with the stone but nothing was happening. Suddenly, they were magically pulled into a remote house somewhere in the woods and found Barang who claimed she had been waiting for them all those while. As Samantha rounded her with so many questions, Jethro wondered why she was looking old and asked if all those years she was in the building.

Barang told Samantha to hold on with her questions. She transformed herself into a more younger person, saying she had been living in Egypt and just returned to see Samantha. She told Samantha that she was not used to old houses again so they should find a perfect place for them to talk.

Tristan dressed up, Betty together with Apple teased him. Betty gave her approval to court Toni. Malia opened up to Jake that she was going on a date with Tristan and hugged him. Tristan at the location realised his colleagues from the Moonchasers escorted him there with an excuse that their mission was to protect him.

Jacintha went to a boutique with Mr Imperial and the stylists made him try some attire on but the colours did not complement the looks of the presidential aspirant. Jacintha was called to check Gilbert out, she smiled and covered her face with a magazine. Gilbert got upset with the stylist for picking up wrong dress for him. Jacintha calmed him down and reminded him of his temperament. She picked some dresses for him but decided that Gilbert try all the dresses in the in the boutique.

“Go and try everything Sandrino,” she laughed at Gilbert in her head.

Later, she addressed him with three strategies they could use for the campaign. Gilbert chose “Knowledge and Manipulation” since he could relate to that. However, Jacintha chose the “Posedon” strategy as the best for him. She explained that already Mr Imperial was doing charity work and dwelling on that to position him well would make him score more points but what he needed to work on was to open himself more.

That, she said would make the people consider him as more relatable and a normal person. Gilbert seemed to like the idea. Toni arrived at the restaurant she was meeting with Tristan and the Moonchasers sitting outside called her to join them since Tristan was there for a date not knowing that Toni was Tristan’s date.

Tristan spotted her and went for her, he ushered her inside the restaurant to help her take her seat. The Moonchasers spied in astonishment. At home, Betty also had a company. Doc was there with her and she told him that she gave Tristan permission to go on a date. Doc reminded her that she also had to think about herself and find a l0ve. As Betty said she might grow up alone, Doc said he would not allow her. He prompted her that he was the right person for her, this got Betty laughing.

Elsewhere, Samantha and Jethro followed Barang to a place that she liked. Samantha wanted answers to her questions about the new chosen one, Sandrino and Tristan but Barang asked her if she was sure she wanted to know about the prophecy or when and how she would d!e.

Jethro wondered what she was talking about and Barang kept on whining around without touching on the subject on the table. She said Samantha for years had been seeking answers to why she had not been able to break the curse of her inability to d!e. However, Samantha said she was not the topic and would fight to change her fate.

She insisted on knowing whether the vampire with the cursed ink’s ability to survive was linked to Tristan Toralba as the new prophecy had it that Malia would not be able to execute Supremo. Barang advised her to meet Supremo to ask him herself. Samantha took the advice and went to the lair to k!ll some of Supremo’s minions to have a talk with the vampire king. Supremo was surprised since he was not thinking that getting her would be that easy.

In the restaurant, Tristan now realised why Toni was beaten black and blue when he found her in his jeepney. He believed the vampires did that to Toni and he wished he was there to save her. He asked Toni if she was staying in antipolo and she explained that the place was close to Manila, there she had a good view of Manila.

Since his comrades kept watching them and Toni was not feeling comfortable with it, Tristan went up of the restaurant with Toni where they had a good view of the city. Tristan said it was beautiful and peaceful and if he was destined to d!e he would be okay as he once had felt happiness in his life.

Toni Rejects Tristan’s k!ss

Toni said he can make that decision to live and the moment was now. Tristan indicated that his happiness lied in her and leaned his face on her. Their emotions ran high as both inhaled the the breath of eachother. Their lips were about to meet, suddenly, Toni became nervous, she opened her eyes and pulled back from Tristan’s k!ss. She ordered Tristan that they should leave, much to the surprise of Mr l0ver boy.

Elsewhere, Prof T led an alliance with the LLU for the mission to ruin the political ambitions of Gilbert Imperial. Prof T sealed the alliance with handshake with the werewolves and the vampires.

After the two powerful vampires got into a fight, Samantha demanded Sandrino should k!ll her but he revealed to her that it was difficult for him to do so since they were siblings. Samantha could not believe her ears and watched Supremo in astonishment.


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