The Law Of Revenge Episode 16

The Law Of Revenge Episode 16 Ellice obtains evidence of anomalies against Marissa, Reason for Marissa’s freedom revealed

At Pearls of Ceñidoza and Company, Gabriel took the DNA test envelope from Ellice’s hand, saying he would arrange the files and since it was her first day at the office she had to go around and greet all the workers.

Not knowing it was the evidence that she has been seeking for, Ellice also left it in Gabriel’s hand without noticing. Gabriel heaved a sigh of relief as his wife acted on his advice.

In Gelo’s neighbourhood, Heidi and the houseboy went out for fun. They came across some street food but Gelo held aback from buying the barbecues since Heidi might not be used to street foods. Heidi professed how she liked the barbecues, naming the varieties to prove to Gelo that she had been buying some so they bought some and ate it.

In Ceñidoza, Ellice tried to win the hearts of the employees and she started off by apologising to Gilbert, an employee who she earlier denied him his benefits. She promoted him and as part of his promotion, there was an upgraded health card which would cover the medications of his wife.

Ellice claimed that was her way of thanking him for the many years of services to her company. Gilbert gladly accepted and the promotion became a topic at the company’s cafeteria as Gilbert told his colleagues how Ellice was now down on earth to even apologise. Soon, Marissa changed her office table and Ellice queried her on the reason she changed it.

Marissa explained that her act stemmed from the fact that Ellice and Gabriel did some renovations in their office. Ellice was unhappy since she would not be able to listen on to Marissa’s conversation to gain evidence against her.

Elsewhere, Gelo showed up in the school of Heidi with pastries and the girl’s friends looked down on him, claiming he was no match for her. They laughed at Heidi, warning Heidi that the bread would make her get constipation. Heidi defended Gelo and even told her friends that she would walk with Gelo.

During lunch, Marissa approached the office of Gabriel with her lunch box to find Gabriel in the company of his wife. Marissa claimed she had forgotten that Ellice has resumed as she was used to having lunch with Gabriel and she joined them.

Ellice tried to talk against the karekare meal Marissa prepared, saying it was greasy and plenty. Marissa said since Gabriel was there the food would not go to waste. Ellice then served her husband with the beef stew she prepared for him, claiming it was Gabriel’s favourite. As the two women were pulling the strings to get eachother jealous, Gabriel was stuck in between and he could only watch them. Caesar also spied from afar.

Tutti later came in to remind Marissa of a presentation and she told Gabriel that they had to go. Ellice was so upset and she replaced her name in the subsequent presentations so after the one that Marissa presented together with Gabriel, she received an information from Pinky that her 3:00pm and 5:00pm presentation were cancelled as Ellice would do it.

Later, Marissa had a call from Adelina but failed to pick it. In her office, Ellice had a talk with an investor, Mrs Guevarra and the woman accepted to invest into Ceñidoza without any proper convincing presentation which made Ellice surprisingly uttered that her acceptance was so quick. Marissa came out from her office and bumped into Mrs Guevarra and Ellice so the latter introduced her to Mrs Guevarra.

Ellice apologised for her inability to walk down the investor out of the facility but Mrs Guevarra said she knew her way out. Marissa talked to the woman, she turned out to be Adelina, her mysterious boss.

She was there to prompt Marissa on her mission since she had not been picking her calls so Marissa promised to talk to her later. Caesar was happy that he was turning the woman against Marissa.

She went to her office to find Caesar there and he explained that Adelina was there to ensure everything ran smoothly and moved as plan. Fast forward, the family had a get-together in the Villarosa mansion. Sonya asked why Ellice had returned to the workplace since Marissa and Gabriel were taking good care of it. Ellice said the company was hers and she wanted to reclaim her position.

Sonya raised the issue of Hope’s health but Ellice got irritated and insisted that she saw the need to return to her company, besides Marissa was a temporary CEO. Since Sonya was being disrespected by Ellice, Marissa stepped in to say she only acted on Ellice’s behalf to save the company from bankruptcy but Ellice retorted that her husband saved the company not her. This made Lucing felt awkward.

Ellice later had a talk with Carmelita to fish out what she knew about her son’s infidelity in a more intelligence way. The woman’s advice of sacrifice to make a family stay united and happy even after a man’s betrayal made her realise that she knew about Jacob’s paternity.

She called Pinky to inform her that she was being deceived by her in-laws as they already knew about Jacob but she could not lose to the other woman and asked Pinky to help her obtain evidence.

Elsewhere, Lucing confronted Gabriel for betraying his wife with her daughter. She said if the action of Gabriel leads to a dispute between the best friends and grandchildren to destroy the family, he would answer to her.

Gabriel later scolded Marissa for opening up to Lucing while she had promised him that she would not tell anyone about their hidden secret. Marissa tried to explain herself that her mother forced the truth out of her yet Gabriel was not able to understand her so she stormed out of her office.

Meanwhile, Ellice had obtained some evidence of the anomalies in the company’s finances which only occured during Marissa’s administration. She met with Andres and the former Chief Finance Officer revealed his findings of the signed figures which constantly changed after it leaves his table. They then formed alliance to expose Marissa for the embezzlement.

Unknown to them, Caesar was keeping tabs on them. Marissa also joined Adelina in her car and the woman warned her to stop pursuing her interest to focus on the revenge. Marissa assured that she was doing it in a more tactful way so any information Adelina has heard about her was untrue planned by her enemies to make Adelina doubt her.

She arrived home and Gabriel came around to check on Jacob much to the surprise of Lucing. Marissa served him and Lucing knew it was tactics to coil Gabriel into her hand and had a misunderstanding with Marissa. Marissa had a reason to take everything away from Ellice since her mother had always been by her side.

Andres called Ellice on phone and when she was receiving the call with Pinky watching her back, she was told Marissa was into money laundering as everything was signed by Marissa.

Caesar was eavesdropping and reported to Adelina. The old woman met up with Marissa in a restaurant to question her for her inability to do her job and threatened that if she failed in her mission due to her passion, she might go back to where she came from.

A flashback showed the time that Marissa was imprisoned and was suffering all sorts of torture and bully while fighting her oppressor, there was an inmate who had been spying on her and referred her to Adelina, a donor who had been donating food to the prisoners.

Soon after meeting Adelina, the woman worked on her release and Blue was there to fish her for Adelina.

As Ellice was making her arrangements to expose Marissa, Marissa also worked behind the scenes and sent someone to spy on the movement of Ellice.


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