The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 53

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 53 Sandrino loses cursed ink protection, Samantha discovers Tristan has vampire blood

Following the advice of Sandrino to become powerful, Greta made an appearance at a mill to k!ll and suck the blood of the workers. She sent one mortal to the lair and Supremo rebuked her for bringing unwelcome visitors. She bit that person too and told Sandrino that she had been sucking blood the entire day yet she was still not powerful.

Now, Supremo found her as greedy but he trained her to cast away people using the power in her hands. Greta began exhibiting such magical hands power. Supremo congratulated her and drank with her as she told him about Miyo being a she and her target was actually Supremo. Her plan was using Paglinauan to reach Supremo. Sandrino believed her and tasked Greta to bring Miyo to him alive.

Prof T was able to extract the venom from Betty due to the serum and Betty was feeling fine as her vital signs were all perfect. She was discharged and Prof T began to give the virus to the Moonchasers but Toni and Jake did not take some due to their nature. Prof T covered up for them as he gave the virus to the rest.

The Moonchasers embarked on a silence mission to mix the virus into the food of the guests who would attend Supremo’s feast. They injected the target with the serum when they were sent to the hospital before their respective doctors attended to them.

Elsewhere, Jacintha while sipping blood was approached by Samantha. She lamented on how her world has become smaller and Samantha advised her to reveal her real identity to the LLU otherwise they might think she was Supremo’s accomplice and the issue might get complicated which might make them fight among themselves.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, the members of the anti-vampire group began showing symptoms of fever and Prof T told the group to quarantine themselves. Jake decided to stay behind in order for the Moonchasers not to suspect they did not take the virus and made Malia returned to the LLU camp.

In the lair, the minions arrived with no news on Barang.

“You mark my words if I find her I will make you all pay for my wrath,” Supremo in anguish uttered.

“Where on earth are you Barang?”

Supremo went in search of Barang and found her broche at where she was k!lled. In agony, he screamed in pain and the ashes of Barang formed. He saw her and tried to hold her but she disappeared.

“Child of the night,” Sandrino mourn “Protector of the clan.”

“A soul overcome by immortality!”

“Barang made the ultimate decision to sacrifice her ability as a guardian in order to give me protection against the weapons of our enemies.”

“Being several warrior fangs none of them can hurt me as long as I have vampire blood running through my veins.”

“I will not have any weaknesses!”

“I will be a king and rule over everyone and everything,” Sandrino declared. However, he could not notice that the power of the cursed ink had departed from him.

Meanwhile, at the Moonchasers Headquarters, as every Moonchaser was showing symptoms, Tristan was not showing any sign, much to his dismay. Prof T told him that each and everyone has different systems so his resistance to sickness was high. Tristan helped Prof T to take care of his friends.

“If people have tolerance level then may be I Should take another dose,” he drunk another virus dose without the knowledge of Prof T.

His friends were discharged and Prof T did not understand why Tristan was not showing any sign. His friends teased Tristan, claiming he had vampire blood to resist the doses.

Malia went to Jacintha’s house. Jacintha and Samantha already knew Malia was standing at the gate. Samantha told Jacintha that she and Malia could not meet so she had to do something to prevent the new chosen one from getting close. Jacintha went to the gate to caress the hair of Malia and politely told her to go home.

Malia asked Jacintha if she really knew Gilbert and and the strategist said yes. Malia pleaded with her to work with her to bring him down if she truly was not her mother. Jacintha shut her gate and left. Tristan wanted Prof T to inject him with the serum since he already had the virus dosage in his system but Prof T refused since he had to fall sick before he could administer the serum.

Later, the virus spread through his blood leading Tristan to have a convulsion. He fell really sick and he threw up. Prof T injected the serum but Tristan was worse so he called Samantha to be at the headquarters right that instance.

It was a mourning time for the evil vampires as their leader announced the passing of a female vampire who was a mother figure to him. All the vampires gnashed and mourned. Supremo rolled out a plan to bring the k!ller to book. Malia arrived at the LLU and thought about Jacintha.

Samantha arrived and Prof T said he did not do any mistake with Tristan and wanted to give Tristan another jab of the serum but Samantha stopped Prof T. She said giving him another shot might come with its complications and told Prof T that he did not do any mistake but believed Tristan was not an ordinary human. Tristan was dying so Prof T gave him shocks in hopes of bringing him back to life.

The serum mixed with his blood and Tristan began hearing the voice of someone. As he was having those memories of Rica crying for help for her son who was dying, Sandrino was also having memories of Barang and Rica. The latter who was pregnant was trapped in a house which was being raised down by fire and he went to her aid.

Prof T couldn’t sit to allow Tristan die so he still gave him shocks, Samantha stopped him as Tristan was already gone but wanted to bite and convert him into a vampire since Tristan was part of the prophecy. This led to a fight between Prof T and Samantha since the former did not want Samantha to do that to Tristan.

Prof T knew Tristan would rather d!e than becoming a vampire. Samantha pushed Prof T away, claiming Tristan would know how to cope as a vampire and gnashed her teeth, this brought back the memories of Prof T’s daughter who was bitten and pleaded with Samantha not to do that to Tristan.

As Samantha was about to bite him, he miraculously woke up much to their surprise. Tristan asked what happened to him and they narrated everything to him. Tristan said he had a dream and Samantha queried him about the kind of dream he had and he said it was nothing. The next day, Jacintha arrived at Youtopia and got the party shirts of Gilbert Imperial ready. However, she saw that Gilbert was absent minded.

Gilbert opened up to him that he lost someone dear to him and asked Jacintha whether she had felt a sense of lost before. Jacintha indicated that she had never felt that before since she was the only child and her parent were still alive. She told Gilbert that he could have a day off to enable him to mourn. Gilbert told her that he wanted a revenge and wanted to k!ll the culprit. He asked Jacintha if he could k!ll someone to avenge a death.

Jacintha said he could but he should make sure that the person remained dead and there were no witnesses as well. Gilbert believed the death of Barang was the hand work of the lady in red and wanted to trap her. Jacintha gave him the benefit of a doubt.

Ningning arrived at the LLU with a schedule meeting of Jacintha and Gilbert so Malia addressed the LLU that it was time they made Sandrino pay for his crimes, for all the various massacres that led to the death of their l0ved ones. Malia wanted them to k!ll Sandrino before the full moon.

Since Jacintha had a tight schedule for the day, Erin was told to spy on Jacintha. Reason being that he was an ordinary human and Jacintha wouldn’t sense his mission since she already knew almost all of the LLU due to their visit to her house the other time. Erin told the group that he was still recruiting new Luna Soldiers and Baristo was still searching for more werewolf allies to join the group.

At Youtopia, a certain man was interested in the works of Jacintha Magsaysay and commended her for the works she did at Indonesia to make President Saudara win . The closeness of the guy to Jacintha got Gilbert jealous. Realising that Jacintha intentionally flirted with the guy and when Gilbert saw that they were about to look at him, he pretended not to have seen them.

“Sandrino focus! You must stop thinking about this.”

“You need to avenge Barang’s death,” in soliloquy Gilbert told himself at his office.

He called his minions to give them the signal to cause chaos in the town to force the lady in red to come from her hideout. The minions prepared for the task and Greta was the leader of her group, they believed the bigger the havoc the better.

Tristan was better and Prof T was shocked that it was as if nothing ever happened to him. Samantha wondered if Tristan had a vampire blood in him. Tristan was discharged, Toni and Jake arrived and they learnt about what happened to Tristan. Toni went in to check on Tristan even when she was being stopped. She went in to discover that Tristan was perfectly fine and was even discharged.

Toni had a talk with Prof T. She wanted the LLU to merge with the Moonchasers but Prof T refused for safety reasons. He accepted to work with the LLU on some missions but the groups could never merge. Prof T said since Toni and Jake were already members of the Moonchasers it was good enough but Toni said she was resigning from Moonchasers due to the LLU mission they were embarking on. Prof T accepted and told her he would inform Samantha.

As Tristan was leaving the headquarters with his friends, his dreams kept reoccurring to him and he ran to the washroom to vomit while thinking about who those people he saw in his dreams were.


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