The Stepdaughters Episode 38

The Stepdaughters Episode 38 Mayumi is kidnapped, Isabelle uses Luisa to win her father’s heart

The goon went after Mayumi till he found her and took her back to the hideout where Daphne was waiting. They tied her up and Daphne sent the guy to look for Luisa.

Meanwhile, Francis and Bryce tried to look for Luisa and Mayumi around the town. They went to various places but they were not able to find her. Francis called Isabelle to ask if she had seen Mayumi but Isabelle denied seeing her, claiming she had been looking after her father all day.

Isabelle however met up with Daphne’s henchmen and they went to look for Luisa. They were able to find her but Luisa refused to go with Isabelle. Isabelle pretended to fight with Daphne’s henchman so that Luisa would think she was defending her and eventually agree to go with her.

Isabelle also told Luisa that Mayumi had abandoned her so Luisa agreed to go with her. Isabelle brought Luisa back to the house and told the housekeepers not to tell Mayumi about the presence of Luisa in the mansion. Her plan was to win Hernan’s favour again by bringing Luisa back at the home. She told the help to lock Luisa up in her room so that she wouldn’t go out.

Froilan went to the hide out they were keeping Mayumi. He had to hide his face so that she wouldn’t recognise him. She begged him to help her escape but he didn’t do anything. When the other guy came back, he tried to rape Mayumi and she screamed for help.

Froilan got the other guy away from her and threatened to get him fired if he did anything to Mayumi. Froilan therefore decided to help her escape but he had to come up with a plan that wouldn’t put him in danger.

When Francis and Bryce came back without any news on Mayumi and Luisa, Sasha said that Daphne might have kidnapped her. The three of them went with Aunt Baby to confront Daphne but she denied knowing anything about Mayumi or Luisa.

Sasha insisted on following her so Bryce went with her but Daphne only went to the gym. She met up with Isabelle and they talked about their plans for Luisa and Mayumi. Daphne was on her way to see Mayumi when she spotted Sasha and Bryce outside. She called Isabelle and told her not to go out yet since they didn’t want others to know that they were meeting. She then approached Bryce’s car and told them to leave.

Later, Isabelle went home and sent Luisa to see Hernan. Luisa was happy to see him but she was worried since he still couldn’t speak. Isabelle left the two of them alone to spend time together.


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