The Stepdaughters Episode 35

The Stepdaughters Episode 35 Isabelle hits Hernan with a car to conceal her crime, Luisa is declared missing

Daphne went to the the mental health centre where Luisa was receiving her treatment. She pretended to be filling in for the doctor who was out of town to pursue her evil agenda on Luisa. A nurse ushered her to Luisa’s room and Daphne asked her to leave since she wanted to be alone with Luisa in order to examine her.

Daphne pulled out a syringe to inject Luisa with a drug but Luisa fought back. Daphne smothered her with a pillow until she was able to inject Luisa. Luisa was weak for a while but she regained her strength and pushed Daphne away. She then ran out of her room and went to hide.

Mayumi went to see Luisa at the hospital and Hernan called asking to meet her. He said he had something important to tell her so they agreed to meet at the hospital. When Hernan was heading to the hospital, he called Joel and asked him to take care of things at the office. Joel asked if Hernan would reveal everything to Mayumi and Hernan said that he would only ask her to transfer Luisa to another hospital.

He would not tell her about Isabelle having Luisa ran over for her to lose her pregnancy since Mayumi might imprison his daughter.
Isabelle overheard Hernan making the call and thought he was going to rat her out to Mayumi.

Isabelle was certain that Mayumi would ensure to get her behind bars so he decided to follow Hernan to stop him. On the way, she called Daphne asking for her help. She told Daphne that Hernan and Mayumi were on the way to the hospital. Daphne hang up immediately and decided to leave before they caught her there.

When Mayumi arrived, the nurse told her that a doctor was examining Luisa. Another nurse however came to report that Luisa ran away. When Hernan arrived, he called to tell Mayumi that he was already there but she told him that Luisa was missing.

Hernan was heading inside but Isabelle saw him and ran him over. She drove away and later stopped to call the mental institution. She told them that someone got hit by a car outside and they should call the hospital.
Mayumi ran outside in a hurry thinking that it was Luisa who got hit by a car, she rather found Hernan. She asked the nurses to call an ambulance and they had Hernan taken to the hospital.

Froilan went to see the nurse and ask for the money back but she said she had already used it for her father’s surgery so Froilan let her go and told her that they shouldn’t meet again.

Isabelle tried to call Daphne again but she didn’t answer. She called Froilan instead and he went to see her. Isabelle felt guilty over what she did and Froilan told her not to worry. He advised her to act natural at the hospital so that no one would notice her crime.

Mayumi called Isabelle to tell her about Hernan’s accident and Isabelle pretended she was shocked. Froilan offered to send her to the hospital and Isabelle thanked him for comforting her.

When they went to the hospital, Mayumi told Isabelle what happened to Hernan. She said she hoped he would recover but she had to leave and look for Luisa who was still missing. The doctor told Isabelle that Hernan’s injury was serious and they had to perform surgery.

Daphne went to see Isabelle and the latter confessed having run over Hernan. They were also worried about Luisa so they sent Froilan to look for her. Luisa had gotten inside a garbage truck from the hospital and they brought her to the market. She saw some children playing with a doll and deemed it to be her baby.

She took it from them and they were arguing over it when Froilan found them. Froilan said Luisa was his aunt and gave the children some money to buy another doll. He tried to forcefully take Luisa with him but she bit his arm and ran away.

Mayumi went to the same market to hand over fliers of Luisa. The children recognised her and told her what happened. Mayumi asked the way which Luisa ran to and the children pointed out the direction to her.

Froilan went after Luisa and she hid at a corner to avoid him catching her. Froilan did not see her as he walked past Luisa’s hiding place.


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