The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 45

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 45 Tristan rekindles relationship with Toni, Paglinauan works with the Moonchasers to discredit Supremo at his rally

Tristan was upset that Toni referred to him as partner but hid things from him. He believed he was making a mistake by allowing her into his life and walked out on her. In the lair, Samantha told Supremo that they were different and they did not have to have same fate like their father.

“But let me remind you that Magnus was not a father to me and I don’t plan on dying soon like him,” Sandrino indicated.

Samantha said she believed him, per what Barang told her about him, he had a good heart even though their hearts did not beat they could choose to l0ve mankind and use their ability to help them for the greater good.

Elsewhere, Tristan told Doc that he went out of proportion and did not believe he had a place in Toni’s heart while Toni was stuck in between her feelings for Tristan and her obligation to the LLU.

As Supremo was thinking about Jacintha, fearing that his heart would beat again, Barang saw that Supremo had changed. Elsewhere in the lair, Omar also was surprised that Supremo did not k!ll them after Tristan got away but the lady vampire said he should be grateful.

“Is this the Supremo that we are afraid of before? The Supremo that will bring us to the perfect world?” Omar overwhelmed.

At Youtopia, Jacintha asked Bill to deny an offer from Mayor Saramos, a rival of Paglinauan who wanted to fund Gilbert’s campaign, claiming it would bring conflict.

Soon, a news broke about Zeny Mallari threatening to expose the deeds of a political leader so Jacintha assumed that it was Paglinauan and was scared that the exposé would destroy Gilbert’s image. Gilbert said they were not sure if Paglinauan was the person but went to threaten Paglinauan that if he becomes the reason for his downfall he should k!ll himself before he would do it in a more cruel way.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Tristan asked Prof T whether Samantha knew their plans. When Prof T said yes, Tristan was scared that she would rat them out since she goes in and out of the vampires territories. Tristan was surprised that Prof T was aware and he even revealed to him that Toni and Jake were in a different group so Tristan went to ask Jake about it.

Jake admitted, adding that he grew up with Toni but she has made it clear to him that they were mere friends. He said if Tristan needed further answer he should talk to Toni. Tristan turned and saw Toni, he went to confirm it from her and realised he had thought wrong about Toni and Jake. He had earlier thought they were in a relationship since they were always together. Toni said he could have asked her, he became quiet and Toni queried him.

“I was just thinking!” Tristan said.

“What?” Toni wondered.

“You want the truth?” Tristan asked while looking around if someone was there.

“I want to kiss you!”

“What?” Toni was shocked.

“One more word and I will k!ss you!”

Supremo glided in his room and Samantha was in waiting for him. He said if she was any other vampire he would not have allowed her there. Samantha ensnared Supremo to talk about his path which was different from their dad. She was impressed that her brother was busy with something else unlike their father who only concentrated on war and asked why he wanted to be the president.

Supremo said he did not trust her enough to reveal his political ambitions to her. He referred to her as lady in red who was making a mere mortal to fight him and Paglinauan. He told Samantha that she could not defeat him using Paglinauan.

“So who will k!ll him?” “You or I?”

Supremo told Samantha that she should not worry, when he was through with the senator he would get rid of him. Unknown to Supremo, Samantha was using the pin which Toni gave to Tristan to record everything and forwarded it through an email to Paglinauan.

After the chitchat, Supremo returned to Youtopia and Jacintha wondered where he went all of a sudden but he claimed he was in a meeting with Paglinauan. Jacintha said they had to go for a damage control meeting she had set. Samantha confronted Prof T for cooperating with the LLU while she has warned him times without number that the two groups could not be together.

Obtaining the hideout of the LLU from Jake, Samantha stormed there when the LLU were making plans. She told them that the two groups could not work together so she has taken them out from the mission. Jethro believed she had changed ever since she stepped into Supremo’s territory.

She assured them that she was still same and would have come with minions if she was working for Supremo. Gael said they were only being careful after Omar’s betrayal. Samantha dissuaded them from their plans of the chosen one going to k!ll Supremo since her powers had not fully manifested to do so. She said if they insisted then they should make the chosen one fight her to see her preparedness but Baristo denied her the honour.

She warned them not to engage in Moonchasers’ mission. Meanwhile, Jacintha told Gilbert to go home and sleep for the next day’s event. Before she would leave, Nisha arrived and she excused them but eavesdropped. Nisha revealed that Paglinauan was planning to betray him and was now working with Tristan.

Supremo was surprised that Tristan was alive and she said they trapped the senator and the senator agreed to the scheme due to a video he received about Supremo, saying he would get rid of him once his service was not needed to him. Supremo after watching the video realised Samantha was behind it and had his own plans. Nisha said she revealed that to him since he wanted him and the Senator to sort out their differences as the Senator was scared to talk to him.

After receiving the instructions from Tristan and Toni on how he would roll out the plans to destroy the vampire’s candidacy, he received a call from Nisha to inform him that she had already spoken with Supremo so he should talk to him. After the call, a vampire bit her and Paglinauan was sent to the lair to face Supremo’s wrath. He wanted to play innocent and told Supremo to turn him into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Tristan was upset that he was not included in the mission against Gilbert Imperial since he was a target by the vampires. He went home looking all down, he informed his aunt that Toni kept making decisions for him. Betty said it was because she cared for him and was also stubborn, same he acted with his father during his childhood.

Supremo denied Paglinauan’s request as he had given the privilege to his secretary. Seeing her bitten, Paglinauan asked for forgiveness and Supremo said he hated mistakes. Paglinauan said among all his loyal followers he was special and would do everything possible to make it up to him.


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