The Law of Revenge Episode 36

The Law of Revenge Episode 36 Marissa sabotages Ceñidoza to win a bid, Ellice sacks Belen, her mother from the mansion

At Zulyani’s mansion, Marissa incited her son to keep going by the plan to make Gabriel feel he missed him for the past 17years which they were outside. Charity and Hope met in a restaurant and Charie queried her friend on the reason she got wasted.

Hope said she did that just to get back at Gabriel and Jake for them to feel her pains. She was happy that Lucing l0ved her more than Jake. At the Villarosa mansion, Jake had a lunch with the Villarosas and Sonya said he would have been the favourite of Ramon if he was still alive. Gabriel served Jake and the boy referred to him as uncle. Everyone looked surprise but Gabriel said he was okay if Jake was not ready to call him dad.

Sonya took pictures of them and posted it. Gabriel told Jake how Hope had refused to accept the situation. He told Jake to keep their meeting from her. Unknown to them, Hope had already seen the pictures and was upset.

Marissa and Tutti arrived late at the Sugawaras clothing launch. As she and Ellice’s eyes met, she commended La Sierra, saying her company was the best for the bidding. Ellice was also given the chance to talk about Ceñidoza’s bidding and why the company needed to be chosen instead.

After the two bragged about their respective companies, La Sierra was chosen, this fuelled the wrath of Ellice. Later, Ellice received a call from Lucing asking if Hope had called her since she tried calling but she failed to answer. Ellice then called Gabriel to inform him that Hope was still not at home. Jake asked Gabriel if something was wrong and he said Hope had gotten the family worried since she was still not at at home.

Jake wondered where Hope could be and called Charie to find out. Since Charie did not know, he took RJ’s address. Meanwhile, Hope was in RJ’s house to k!ll time. RJ made her relax as sered er with dinks to make her go wanted again. He took advantage of her and k!ssed her. Jacob arrived to punch him and saved hope once more. Gabriel was with him so both sent the mama’s girl home.

Elsewhere, Ellice arrived home to find a surprise which reminded her of her childhood days when she lost her special comb which her mother left for her. Gabriel arrived home with Jake and Hope and said if Jake did not know RJ’s house Hope would have been victimised by RJ. The Mama’s girl confronted her father and told him to stop acting like he cared and should go and play with his mistress.

Ellice scolded her and asked her to stop talking to her father that way. Hope snatched her bag from Jake and showed her the picture of Gabriel and Jake. Ellice said that did not give her the right to ruin her life as they trusted but the girl said she did not want hwr to talk to her about trust since she and Gabriel told her lies, betrayed her and always questioned her actions.

Gabriel and Ellice went to talk to her but she refused to listen. Ellice told her that Gabriel told her before meeting Jake and since they did not want to hurt her they kept it. Hope wondered why Ellice was allowing Gabriel to hurt her but her mother said Gabriel only meet his son not Marissa.

Meanwhile, Lucing addressed the wounds of Jake and thanked him for saving the spoilt brat, Hope. Jake believed he was the cause of the misunderstanding but Lucing said no and decided to go with him to talk to Marissa. Marissa was glad to see her mother but Lucing refused her invite for dinner. She confronted Marissa for pursuing Gabriel while it had been two decades. She knew Marissa wanted to ruin Ellice’s marriage.

Marissa was surprised that Lucing still chose Ellice over her but the woman insisted that she knew her game and was not siding with Ellice. At the Ceñidoza mansion, Ellice lamented how la Sierra was a stumbling block to an important client she had. Gabriel encouraged her that there would be other opportunities. He pledged his support and hugged her.

Later, Marissa met with the clothing line and thanked them for the offer. Marissa recalled how she sabotaged Ellice’s proposal to gain the contract. At the college, RJ met Hope and he approached her, saying they were interrupted the previous night and Hope warned him to stop acting like he did not take advantage of her. RJ said he only wanted to help her change her clothes, besides they were family friends and could not take advantage of her.

He later met with Jake and fought with him for ruining his plans and reminded him that Hope was not a kid, hence should stop protecting her. Hope who returned to the class for something she left bumped into the two guys fighting. She separated the fight and left with RJ. Elsewhere, Marissa met with Adelina and schemed on means to get total ownership of Ceñidoza. She told Adelina that she already had 30per cent shares and Adelina said she would give her shares to her and help her acquires shares of some of the board members.

At Ceñidoza mansion, a bang came on the door and Lucing went to open only to find Belen, Ellice’s estranged mother. Ellice was upset to see her since she had been away making her believe she had passed away while she had been alive. She failed to admit her in wile Belen tried explaining herself. Lucing told Belen to give her daughter a time to adjust to the situation as she had been through a lot.

Gabriel also talked with Ellice to accept her mother but Ellice said she was only raised by her father and had spent several years mourning for her mother. Out of the blue she now appeared even when her father was hospitalised, she did not come home. Gabriel believed Belen had a reason but Ellice insisted that she did not need her mother based on the problem they were facing and hugged Gabriel.


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