Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 26-30

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 26-30

Despite the success and support that Lino is getting, sadness continues to lurk behind every corner.

Meanwhile, Jade who finally decides to move in to Ace’s flat, gets a worse night after her supposed first night with Ace at their love nest turn into a nightmare when he fails to show up.

This compels Jade to make some moves in order to keep her partner interested.

Both craving for Ace’s undivided attention, Jacky and Jade bump into eachother at an unlikely place.

A fracas then ensues between the two, resulting to Jacky reaching her boiling point. Jade, in return, concocts a devious scheme to ruin her rival’s supposed weekend getaway with Ace.

Lino, meanwhile, manages to juggle work and play with his family and colleagues. Despite being surrounded by loved ones, Lino’s happy memories with his enstranged wife continue to linger in his mind.

Tired of Ace’s excuses, Jacky opts to spend the weekend with her best friends. By a serendipitous chance, Jacky comes across Lino at the resort where she and her friends are also staying.

Soon after, she joins Lino’s loved ones in setting up a surprise for him. Despite the celebratory mood, Lino is still not over the fact that he and his wife are no longer together.

Jade, meanwhile, charms the pants off her new neighbour to make Ace jealous. Wary of Eric, Ace orders Jade to distance herself from the guy.

Jade, however, brushes off Ace’s warning as she remains intent on getting all of his attention.

Later on, she starts to feel uncomfortable with her own surroundings. To make matters worse, Jade’s fears soon materialise when she bears witness to Eric’s creepy behaviour.

Meanwhile, Ken starts to grow affectionate with one of Lino’s best buddies.

Ace finds himself fighting for his life after saving Jade from her creepy neighbour. Filled with dread, Jade wrestles with feelings of remorse over the misfortune that befell her l^ver.

Jacky, on the other hand, returns to Manila hastily upon learning of what happened to her husband.

Deeply concerned for his long-time friend, Lino volunteers to accompany Jacky to the hospital. There, Lino runs into his enstranged wife, who is in a state of distress.

As Ace regains consciousness, Helen gets a strong inkling that he has been keeping a dark secret .

She then accosts Paeng to confirm her hunch about her son. Upon learning the truth, Helen swears to keep the details under wraps .

Meanwhile, a distraught Jade tells Lino everything about her traumatic encounter, including the identity of the man who saved her.

Lino, however, becomes baffled after putting together the pieces of her story.

Trying to make sense of what happened to Jade, Lino accompanies his wife to personally thank Ace for his heroic act.

Ace, in return, comes up with a clever move to cover his tracks. Unknown to him, Helen starts digging up information about his private affairs.

Barry, meanwhile, catches someone snooping around his office. Wanting to disprove his suspicions on Jade, Lino sets out to look for answers about the assault.

However, he stumbles upon a piece of evidence that sheds light on the incident. This compels Lino to confront his enstranged wife regarding her inconsistent statements.

Meanwhile, Ace tries his best to keep his affair from his family. Much to his fear, someone dear to him surprisingly unpacks his dark secret.

Wanting to bury the hatchet among them, Jacky invites Lino and Jade over a dinner with her and Ace.

The determination to disprove his hunches prompts Lino to accept the invitation. Jade, on the other hand, seizes the event as an opportunity to see Ace.

She then makes sure that their reunion is nothing short of memorable. Meanwhile, Dos Disenyos inks a massive business deal.


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