Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 567

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 567 Arturo intensifies actions to find Cardo’s hideout, Oscar wishes Cardo will end Lily’s terror

Lily told Arturo not to worry about Clarice because Cardo was a person with a good heart so he would not hurt Clarice. Arturo said he had factored that, yet, he could not help himself.

The task force in their new hideout wondered what was happening. Soriano asked Hannah Robles whether she was dating and she said she was currently single. According to her, her kind of man was someone who was presentable and simple.

Basco asked Major Opeña whether she regretted putting her job on the line to become a fugitive. He knew how Opeña worked so hard to get to his position. Major Opeña said she did the right thing so she was not bothered to lose her position.

Basco also did not regret his decision. Lily talked to Arturo while in the room of Oscar to discuss the body double of Oscar. Oscar saw his wife as evil to have denied his vice for running the helm of affairs and wanted to get better in order to foil Lily’s plans.

Alyana asked her aunty questions on the renovated house and she was told Ramon invested into a pond business and the house was used as a collateral so the one who gave him the money was also the one who renovated the house. The person was no other than Lito.

Bubbles asked Alyana who Lito was and she said her childhood friend. Lito, made his appearance at a certain place.

The servants bumped into James and Captain Salonga. Elizabeth told them that his colleagues did not want to help check on the president. Marie told them that they all wanted to see the President but Elizabeth was acting recklessly. Elizabeth did not understand why they were not allowed to see the president.

Salonga said he had not seen the president either and they decided to call Olegario. James planned to meet her to talk about it. Cardo apologised to Alyana that they had to turn into fugitives again. His wife understood but was worried about Letlet.  Cardo knew Grandma Flora would take good care of her.

Flora was also worried about Cardo and the family was consoling her. Oscar realised he made a mistake to follow Lily to push all those who genuinely loved and supported him away. He felt so sorry for himself as he could only count on his servants but how to get close was the problem. He planned to no matter what rise and save himself.

Lily reminded Arturo that they had a lot on their plates so he shouldn’t make his daughter’s kidnap disrupt them from other things. The guys made fun of Rigor for trying to woo Robles. Lily went to talk to Arturo to compel him to put his act together and face the press to use the moment to discredit Cardo.

Philip and Dante tried to talk to Clarice to eat but she refused to eat as she wanted to go home. Dante told her to have patience because when she goes, their enemies would identify their hideout. Clarice said she was not dumb to expose their hideout.

Arturo met the press to tell them that Cardo used his daughter as a scapegoat and there was now an intense search for him. He called on individuals to report the nation’s most wanted fugitive. Teddy was there and was surprised to hear what Arturo said.

Aunt Marine and Ramon left their bed for Cardo and Alyana and Clarice wanted a single room for herself. She was made to sleep with Bubbles, Major Opeña and Robles. She claimed the place was hot and needed AC. Bubbles put her in her rightful place.

Flora heard the news on Cardo holding Arturo’s daughter as hostage to escape. Flora could not believe that Cardo would do such a thing. She believed that would add up to his crimes. Alyana, on the other hand was so concerned about Flora and Letlet.

Cardo said they would endanger them if they got in touch but planned to get a new sim the following day to contact Flora. Lily went to check on Oscar and told him to remain unconscious till she finished dealing with Cardo. She said she had made Cardo a fugitive of the law.

Oscar also said in his mind that the act of Lily would not work against Cardo. He knew Cardo was too tough.


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